Sunday Cinema – “The Facts of Life go to Paris”


Back in the 1980’s when television shows needed some “freshness” injected into them, some were treated with “made for television” movies to help boost ratings. “The Facts of Life” was one such show. Having the backdrop of an all-girls school really puts a damper on what writers could do within such a setting. Today’s “Sunday Cinema” selection allowed them the opportunity to break free of the school and allow the characters to experience life in another country!

The basic premise is this – several of the girls from Eastland Academy were chosen to spend the summer at a sister school located in Paris, France. Mrs. Garrett was also invited to Paris to attend a prestigious cooking academy at the same time. The movie follows each of the characters (Jo wanting to go to the Lemans car race, Blair looking for a French boyfriend, Natalie & Tootie helping an author get over writer’s block, & Mrs. Garrett impressing the cooking academy’s head chef) and all the zany adventures they get into while in Paris.

Some kind soul posted not only this movie, but also “The Facts of Life Down Under“, where the gang heads to Australia.


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