Sue Me? Sue You!

Sue Me? Sue You!

Stephen Colbert is waiting to go on the air this fall, so in the meantime he is traveling the public access circuit. Here he is in good old Monroe, Michigan on “Only in Monroe“. The interview with Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is hilarious!

Schools around the world are having to “lawyer up” these days because of upset parents and students not getting the grades they feel they deserve, not making valedictorian, and now for not being picked for roles in school plays! What is this world coming to?

Peak Beer? Brooklyn hipsters are passing on PBR and going with Narragansett, which was an even cheaper alternative. The beer maker has seen their profits soar in recent years thanks to hipsters clamoring for it…

Of course he is… Harry Shearer is returning to “The Simpsons” after a last minute deal was reached. There now too many voice talents out there and technology to mimic just about any character, the days of the “prima donna” are over…

How do you feel now, internet? Cake which was supposed to look like Elsa from “Frozen” that was mocked by many on the internet turned out to be a 2hr rush job by a volunteer for a critically-ill child.

Jen is enamored by tiny house living (Matty is too, but just a “little”). Here is an open letter someone penned to those that live in tiny houses…

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