Selfie Safety

Selfie Safety

Did you know that increasing sex frequency from once a month to once a week brings a level of happiness on par with having an extra $50,000 in the bank? According to these researchers, it’s true!

Law enforcement agencies are complaining that their budgets are in jeopardy thanks to the new laws regarding “civil forfeiture”. John Oliver explains the concept of “civil forfeiture” and it sounds insane!

A council in England has lost a 9 month court battle over a piece of orange peel that was dropped and may end up having to pay the legal costs of the supposed litterer…

Do we really think that raising the minimum wage to $15 will stop people from placing their scrotums on our food? The douchebag in question was mad because the customer called just before closing. Reminds me of this scene from the movie “Waiting”…

Selfies have become so dangerous in Russia that they had to come out with a “Selfie Safety” brochure… Really?

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