Sunday Cinema – “They Still Call Me Bruce!”


Back before the internet and all of its movie & video wonderousness, we had few options when it came to watching movies. We could go to the theater (costs $$$), rent a videotape (still costs $$$), or watch movies on television. One of my favorite shows to watch was “Commander USA’s Groovie Movies” on the then fledgling USA Network. He would come on usually in the late afternoons and would feature a couple of really cheesy movies (probably because they could be licensed for on-air usage cheaply). The most fun would be the “bumpers”, or sections where the Commander & his pal “Lefty” would riff on the movie or get into some crazy situation either before or after the commercials & before the movie would start again.

Someone was cool enough to save a VHS recording(!) of one of the movie afternoons and digitally-transferred it to the internet for those born after 1980 to enjoy. This recording includes “They Still Call Me Bruce!” with Johnny Yune, Robert Guillame, and John Travolta’s little brother, Joey Travolta!


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