Sunday Cinema – “Stitches”


The mid-to-late-1980’s brought us into the age of medical comedy/dramas at the movie theater. “Stitches” being the first, followed by “Gross Anatomy” (starring Matthew Modine) & “Vital Signs” (starring a young Diane Lane & Jimmy Smits).

The basic premise of the movie is following the misadventures of 3 medical students at the Brandtford Medical School. Interestingly, the film does have some notable stars such as Parker Stevenson (from the television show, “The Hardy Boys”), Brian Tochi (of “Police Academy” & “Revenge of the Nerds” fame), and the late Geoffrey Lewis (a character actor from such films as “Every Which Way But Loose” & “The New Guy”).

Cheesy, not well-developed, the movie was so bad that the director asked for an “Alan Smithee” credit to protect himself.

Someone posted a VHS(!) copy of it online for us to enjoy!


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