Fiddy Don’t Have Cents

Fiddy Don’t Have Cents

Apparently some copyrights never die. Men at Work recently lost a copyright lawsuit involving their most popular hit, “Down Under”. The lawsuit filed back in 2009(!) alleges that the group lifted the signature flute riff from a children’s song owned by a music company. They are required to pay 5% royalties for the song going back to 2002…

We had talked about in a previous podcast about a distillery in Indiana that can make “small batches” of liquor for you to slap your own label on. Similarly, Templeton Rye has been ordered to refund customers up to $36 for purchases made because the company imported all the ingredients to make its liquor and mislead the public that it was all locally-sourced.

This is not a joke. A school system in North Carolina is rolling out an ONLINE PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM! Apparently this will involve watching videos on activities & sports and submitting videos taken of children performing the activities & sports. This won’t cause any problems, will it? And I thought adding “Dance Dance Revolution” to some physical education programs was a bad idea…

Someone has found a photo of Nixon’s last meal as president of the United States. Apparently it was an odd photo to be taken, since White House photographers usually take photos of people in action. A sad meal for sure…

More and more kids are moving back home after college because of overwhelming debt and underwhelming job prospects. This article is a bit one-sided, but does have some valid points…

And in other financial news, 50 Cent can’t personally meet his $108,000 monthly obligations and is filing for bankruptcy. Now, now, he’s not really “broke”, it’s just that his businesses hold all his money for him…

Dan the Man & MattyV talked about this a little last week with the increase in minimum wage to $15/hr. The company that raised everyone’s salary to $70,000 which is apparently the number that makes people most happy, is losing employees. The article explains that the new hires make as much as those that have been there longer & have more responsibility, which makes it unfair. Socialism at work…

The purge is on in India. No not that purge, the purge of porn. The country recently blocked 857 websites deemed to be pornographic after being petitioned that pornography led to sex crimes. You can still access porn there, but only via private networks or proxies…

Here’s a new one, a teacher was cleared of sexual misconduct with a 16 year old student because she was not under contract with the school during the summer it occurred. Since she was not in a “position of power” and age of consent is 16, there was no wrongdoing according to the court.

A law on the books that was created to take on the mob is finding new life in combatting a new foe in Colorado – pot shops. A Washington-based outfit against the use of marijuana is using the RICO law against shops selling marijuana and all of their suppliers & vendors. This tactic has shut down one shop and is working on another…

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