Sunday Cinema – “Speed Zone!”


Coming out in 1989, this film tried to cash in on the “last gasp” of the cross-country race franchise “Cannonball Run” (the original title was “Cannonball Fever”).

The basic premise is, each year an illegal cross-country race is held each year promising fame & fortune for the one who crosses the finish line first. Based on a real race, this slapstick comedy features a plethora of actors & actresses, most notably John Candy. The cars are cool (I believe this is the first time I saw a Lamborghini Countach that wasn’t on a poster or in a magazine!), the situations hilarious.

A fun little movie to just laugh at. Trivia – Jamie Farr is the only actor to be in all three of the “cannonball” movies…

Someone posted a copy of it HERE for all to enjoy!


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