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Squash Me

Squash Me

A recent judgment found that the song “Happy Birthday” is indeed now in the public domain! I wonder if that will stop all those chain restaurants with their awful substitute songs…

Big news in Florida, Wi-Fi is going to be available on school busses. The district feels that those kids who are on the bus for long periods of time going to/from school should have access to the internet to help them start on their homework… Yeah, right…

Forget the “I’m Cait” Halloween costume, how about the “Donna T. Rumpshaker” costume? Topical, hilarious, sexy…

What do you expect with the economy? Detroit is flush with “drive-thru” pot shops thanks to the many vacant fast food & bank buildings. Their issue? They didn’t think ahead to regulate such enterprises as far as where they could be located. Many are near schools & churches. They had to see this coming…

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! Yep, the Bay City Rollers are releasing a new album after more than 30 years. Now down to a trio, the group is aiming for a December release which is just in time for Christmas. There is still litigation pending against Arista Records, apparently they owe the Rollers millions in unpaid royalties

This is one of the weirdest fetishes I’ve seen – being paid to be sat on. This petite blonde makes somewhere north of $200k a year.

I take that back. Inserting slimy alien eggs into your orifices so they can ooze back out is about the weirdest. Definitely NSFW or NSFL…

I knew it, I just knew it. Being the “fat kid” in school I always had an inkling that the PE teachers had it out for me and this study bears that out… Bastards…

Ground control to Astronaut Sonia? This woman is on a short-list of those willing to being the first humans to travel to Mars. She is going despite having a family here and they fully support her. The trip will take several years and estimates that the first fatality will occur only 68 days into the trip.

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Sunday Cinema – “Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off”

The 1970’s brought about the “exploitation” era of movies. You had the exploitation of women, men, animals, & different races. The “Blaxploitation” brought us such gems as “Foxy Brown”, “Shaft”, & even some horror icons like “Blacula”.

The character of “Slaughter” was a vehicle for the incredible Jim Brown. The franchise boasted several films including today’s selection.

Slaughter is an ex-Green Beret that has had some trouble with mobsters, drug dealers, & other criminal elements since they killed his family. This time around, a local money-launderer wants him dead and of course we know that Slaughter ain’t gonna let that happen. Look for cameos by George Gaines & Ed McMahon!

Someone posted a pretty good visually clean version of this 1973 classic on YouTube.

Gorilla Poo, Mile 419, & Dear Pru

Gorilla Poo, Mile 419, & Dear Pru

The Insane Clown Posse will have their day in court as a federal appeals court overturned a previous dismissal stemming from the FBI claiming that their fans are a “loosely organized hybrid gang”. They have also ordered a Michigan court to take the case (the founding members of ICP are from Michigan). Wonder what the FBI thinks of Swifties or Beliebers… Here is the documentary, “American Juggalo” (NSFW due to one or two naked juggalettes)…

Would you complain about being paid for doing nothing all day? This guy in France got paid almost $57000 a month for doing nothing for almost 12 years. He uncovered fraud within his company and was basically placed in limbo, still collecting a paycheck. He is suing his employer for over $500,000 in compensation for “wasting” his time.

You can do almost anything with a 3-D printer these days. From making cheap little toys to actual body parts & guns, someone has figured out how to make a set of TSA master keys. With these keys you can open any TSA-Approved luggage lock. They were made from a photo of a set of keys, not a real set!

Sorry 420’ers, many states around the country are replacing their Mile 420 signs with Mile 419.9 because of theft. I remember back in the day how many “Men At Work” and “Slippery When Wet” signs were stolen…

Here’s a new one, an Ohio band teacher was let go for her “extra-curricular” activities as an amateur porn star. The school claims that there have been no student issues but that what she does on her own time isn’t the image the school wants to project…

First there was Disney’s Animal Kingdom selling poo-shaped baked goods. Now a Japanese café is selling cheesecake made from gorilla poo! Bacteria has been extracted from the poo which was used to culture the milk going into the dessert. People have claimed that the dessert has a “distinct” flavor… Geez, that’s almost as bad as the woman who made yogurt using the bacteria from her vagina

Confessions of a McDonald’s franchisee. Dan the man hit it on the head – make the best of what you’re known for…

Would you give your family money if you won the lottery? This is a question someone posed to Dear Prudence. I think we covered what to do when winning the lottery…

Careful with indulging in your ganja, Europe has seen an influx of sickness from people who over-use cannabis…

Sunday Cinema – “The Screaming Skull”


Pizza Hut back in the late-1980’s was really on top of the marketing game. One of the biggest promo’s I remember was a 3D television movie tie-in. You could purchase 3D glasses with your take-out pizza and watch not one, but two classic 3D movies. There was “Hondo” starring the late John Wayne and for those into horror movies, there was “The Screaming Skull”.

Of course the movies were pure cheese by today’s standards, but the thrill of getting to watch a movie in simulated 3D was a huge deal back in the 1980’s. I wish that Pizza Hut would bring their “Movie & a Pizza” promo to the US, that’s the kind of promotional gimmick I can get behind…

Anyway, a newly-wed couple head to their palatial abode (which used to be occupied by the husband and his dead wife). Strange things begin to happen to make the new bride think she is going mad, or is she?

Someone posted a pristine print of this classic on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. If you have the old 3D glasses, you can watch a 3D version too!

Throw Dem Rolls

Throw Dem Rolls

Sunday marked Nintendo icon Mario’s 30th anniversary in his standalone video game appearance. He had made minor appearances in some other Nintendo titles such as “Donkey Kong”.

MattyV & Dan the Man remembered the title slightly wrong, here’s a video of the complete walkthrough of the 1983 Don Bluth classic – “Dragon’s Lair“. MattyV also found a walkthrough for the 1984 Don Bluth epic, “Space Ace“…

When YouTube first started out, one of the favorite videos was a take-off of the popular Fox show, “Cops”. Taking place on the desert planet of Tatooine, Here is a more recent & cleaner version of “TROOPS“…

The height of laziness, a corrupt Brazillian mayor spent her days texting her staff and dealing with town business via the WhatsApp! cellphone app.

Is this wrong? A man built a patio using discarded military tombstones, not used but damaged discards.

A “drinkable book“? A group has developed a book whose pages can be used to purify water from even the most murkiest waters around the world.

A lady is suing Lambert’s café (famous for their “throwed rolls”) because an errant roll throw hit her in the face and caused injuries to her eye, head, & neck. Really? Really?

MattyV found the article on how Mcdonald’s serving all-day breakfast will possibly cause an egg shortage

Here’s a short video of the Bar Rescue debacle that MattyV talked about, short-sighted indeed since the bar is now closed… I know that there is no “reality” television and that much was staged for shock & appeal, but in situations like bar/restaurant/hotel rescues I cannot believe the production companies come in to deliberately cause the already failing business to continue to fail after they leave. Inexperience and short-sightedness…

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Sunday Cinema – “Rock-afire Explosion”


Back in the 1980’s, before Chuck the Rat came around, the kings of kid-dom were Fats Geronimo and the Rock-afire Explosion”.  Showbiz Pizza Place was the place to go for kids. Rides, games, pizza (even beer & wine for the adults!). Today’s selection is a documentary about the stars of Showbiz Pizza Place and the people who love them. Most going so far as to re-create the stage show by purchasing it from the creator.

It may seem creepy to most, but these people are passionate about a particular piece of their childhood just as people are passionate about comic books or baseball cards.

It’s cool to see these characters come alive, I certainly have some memories of going to Grand Rapids, MI to see them with my family.

Someone was cool enough to post this gem for all to enjoy!

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Hate Sells

Hate Sells

This week wasn’t really planned (which is where some of our greatest conversations come from!) and it shows. MattyV talked about his trip to Canada and offered tips on saving some money and what is good/not good about the Niagara Falls area.

The gang also talked about the movie, “God Bless America“, a VERY good commentary on the state of our nation. It’s currently streaming on Netflix, the gang says to check it out for sure!

We showed Jen the Intern the Amy Schumer music video last time, she sent us a link to this video (NSFW). I almost pissed my pants when I saw it (or pooped I should say)…

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Sunday Cinema – “Used Cars”


This week’s pick is an oldie but potentially a goodie. Kurt Russell plays Rudy Russo, a used car salesman trying to break out of the business of cheating customers and into the business of cheating constituents (he’s running for senate!). The owner of the used car lot (Jack Warden) is willing to help him achieve his dream, but only if he promises not to let his twin brother (also played by Jack Warden) get his hands on the used car lot in case of his passing.

Whelp, you can guess what happens next. From car chases to wacky pirated commercials, Rudy and his crew do their best to keep the car lot afloat and not let on to the owner’s demise.

Sure it’s out on DVD, but you can watch it on YouTube for free!

The Chizza

The Chizza

First there was the KFC Bowl. Then the Double-Down. Then the Double-Down Dog. Now the Chizza is coming to KFC. Yes, a chicken breast with pizza toppings. When is the madness going to end!

You would think in the age of information that getting sound advice for everything from investments to parenting is as easy as a click away. Apparently not, new mothers are getting bad advice according to this article. Some of it could be bad advice that was handed down through the generations, or there are some really stupid people on the internet…

Beer is going to get scarce in Venezuela unless things change. Empresas Polar Breweries have suspended operations due to issues with the government. I know Dan the Man isn’t going to visit a country unless it offers beer…

Doing the right thing should be its own reward. This guy who returned $4,500 to a local fast food restaurant isn’t happy with the $100 in gift certificates he was offered. He claims the restaurant was going to call the police if he didn’t return the money after it was discovered… Racist? Maybe. Being a douchy customer? Likely…

Foodbeast has a definitive list of fair foods available across the country. Deep fried butter, anyone?

One of the greatest stagecoach drivers in the Old West was found to be a woman at death! Interesting…

The Great Wall of China is slowly disappearing due to weather, vandalism, & tourists…

The guys over at Bad Lip Reading made us choke on our own laughter as we watch the “2015 First Republican Debate“…

Etsy is getting out of the magick business by banning the sale of magical items, spells, & potions. Apparently selling such items are huge money-makers on the internet, Etsy apparently doesn’t want to get involved with possible fraud allegations…

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