The Chizza

The Chizza

First there was the KFC Bowl. Then the Double-Down. Then the Double-Down Dog. Now the Chizza is coming to KFC. Yes, a chicken breast with pizza toppings. When is the madness going to end!

You would think in the age of information that getting sound advice for everything from investments to parenting is as easy as a click away. Apparently not, new mothers are getting bad advice according to this article. Some of it could be bad advice that was handed down through the generations, or there are some really stupid people on the internet…

Beer is going to get scarce in Venezuela unless things change. Empresas Polar Breweries have suspended operations due to issues with the government. I know Dan the Man isn’t going to visit a country unless it offers beer…

Doing the right thing should be its own reward. This guy who returned $4,500 to a local fast food restaurant isn’t happy with the $100 in gift certificates he was offered. He claims the restaurant was going to call the police if he didn’t return the money after it was discovered… Racist? Maybe. Being a douchy customer? Likely…

Foodbeast has a definitive list of fair foods available across the country. Deep fried butter, anyone?

One of the greatest stagecoach drivers in the Old West was found to be a woman at death! Interesting…

The Great Wall of China is slowly disappearing due to weather, vandalism, & tourists…

The guys over at Bad Lip Reading made us choke on our own laughter as we watch the “2015 First Republican Debate“…

Etsy is getting out of the magick business by banning the sale of magical items, spells, & potions. Apparently selling such items are huge money-makers on the internet, Etsy apparently doesn’t want to get involved with possible fraud allegations…

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