Sunday Cinema – “Rock-afire Explosion”


Back in the 1980’s, before Chuck the Rat came around, the kings of kid-dom were Fats Geronimo and the Rock-afire Explosion”.  Showbiz Pizza Place was the place to go for kids. Rides, games, pizza (even beer & wine for the adults!). Today’s selection is a documentary about the stars of Showbiz Pizza Place and the people who love them. Most going so far as to re-create the stage show by purchasing it from the creator.

It may seem creepy to most, but these people are passionate about a particular piece of their childhood just as people are passionate about comic books or baseball cards.

It’s cool to see these characters come alive, I certainly have some memories of going to Grand Rapids, MI to see them with my family.

Someone was cool enough to post this gem for all to enjoy!

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