Throw Dem Rolls

Throw Dem Rolls

Sunday marked Nintendo icon Mario’s 30th anniversary in his standalone video game appearance. He had made minor appearances in some other Nintendo titles such as “Donkey Kong”.

MattyV & Dan the Man remembered the title slightly wrong, here’s a video of the complete walkthrough of the 1983 Don Bluth classic – “Dragon’s Lair“. MattyV also found a walkthrough for the 1984 Don Bluth epic, “Space Ace“…

When YouTube first started out, one of the favorite videos was a take-off of the popular Fox show, “Cops”. Taking place on the desert planet of Tatooine, Here is a more recent & cleaner version of “TROOPS“…

The height of laziness, a corrupt Brazillian mayor spent her days texting her staff and dealing with town business via the WhatsApp! cellphone app.

Is this wrong? A man built a patio using discarded military tombstones, not used but damaged discards.

A “drinkable book“? A group has developed a book whose pages can be used to purify water from even the most murkiest waters around the world.

A lady is suing Lambert’s café (famous for their “throwed rolls”) because an errant roll throw hit her in the face and caused injuries to her eye, head, & neck. Really? Really?

MattyV found the article on how Mcdonald’s serving all-day breakfast will possibly cause an egg shortage

Here’s a short video of the Bar Rescue debacle that MattyV talked about, short-sighted indeed since the bar is now closed… I know that there is no “reality” television and that much was staged for shock & appeal, but in situations like bar/restaurant/hotel rescues I cannot believe the production companies come in to deliberately cause the already failing business to continue to fail after they leave. Inexperience and short-sightedness…

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