Sunday Cinema – “The Screaming Skull”


Pizza Hut back in the late-1980’s was really on top of the marketing game. One of the biggest promo’s I remember was a 3D television movie tie-in. You could purchase 3D glasses with your take-out pizza and watch not one, but two classic 3D movies. There was “Hondo” starring the late John Wayne and for those into horror movies, there was “The Screaming Skull”.

Of course the movies were pure cheese by today’s standards, but the thrill of getting to watch a movie in simulated 3D was a huge deal back in the 1980’s. I wish that Pizza Hut would bring their “Movie & a Pizza” promo to the US, that’s the kind of promotional gimmick I can get behind…

Anyway, a newly-wed couple head to their palatial abode (which used to be occupied by the husband and his dead wife). Strange things begin to happen to make the new bride think she is going mad, or is she?

Someone posted a pristine print of this classic on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. If you have the old 3D glasses, you can watch a 3D version too!


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