Gorilla Poo, Mile 419, & Dear Pru

Gorilla Poo, Mile 419, & Dear Pru

The Insane Clown Posse will have their day in court as a federal appeals court overturned a previous dismissal stemming from the FBI claiming that their fans are a “loosely organized hybrid gang”. They have also ordered a Michigan court to take the case (the founding members of ICP are from Michigan). Wonder what the FBI thinks of Swifties or Beliebers… Here is the documentary, “American Juggalo” (NSFW due to one or two naked juggalettes)…

Would you complain about being paid for doing nothing all day? This guy in France got paid almost $57000 a month for doing nothing for almost 12 years. He uncovered fraud within his company and was basically placed in limbo, still collecting a paycheck. He is suing his employer for over $500,000 in compensation for “wasting” his time.

You can do almost anything with a 3-D printer these days. From making cheap little toys to actual body parts & guns, someone has figured out how to make a set of TSA master keys. With these keys you can open any TSA-Approved luggage lock. They were made from a photo of a set of keys, not a real set!

Sorry 420’ers, many states around the country are replacing their Mile 420 signs with Mile 419.9 because of theft. I remember back in the day how many “Men At Work” and “Slippery When Wet” signs were stolen…

Here’s a new one, an Ohio band teacher was let go for her “extra-curricular” activities as an amateur porn star. The school claims that there have been no student issues but that what she does on her own time isn’t the image the school wants to project…

First there was Disney’s Animal Kingdom selling poo-shaped baked goods. Now a Japanese café is selling cheesecake made from gorilla poo! Bacteria has been extracted from the poo which was used to culture the milk going into the dessert. People have claimed that the dessert has a “distinct” flavor… Geez, that’s almost as bad as the woman who made yogurt using the bacteria from her vagina

Confessions of a McDonald’s franchisee. Dan the man hit it on the head – make the best of what you’re known for…

Would you give your family money if you won the lottery? This is a question someone posed to Dear Prudence. I think we covered what to do when winning the lottery…

Careful with indulging in your ganja, Europe has seen an influx of sickness from people who over-use cannabis…


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