Sunday Cinema – “Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off”

The 1970’s brought about the “exploitation” era of movies. You had the exploitation of women, men, animals, & different races. The “Blaxploitation” brought us such gems as “Foxy Brown”, “Shaft”, & even some horror icons like “Blacula”.

The character of “Slaughter” was a vehicle for the incredible Jim Brown. The franchise boasted several films including today’s selection.

Slaughter is an ex-Green Beret that has had some trouble with mobsters, drug dealers, & other criminal elements since they killed his family. This time around, a local money-launderer wants him dead and of course we know that Slaughter ain’t gonna let that happen. Look for cameos by George Gaines & Ed McMahon!

Someone posted a pretty good visually clean version of this 1973 classic on YouTube.


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