Squash Me

Squash Me

A recent judgment found that the song “Happy Birthday” is indeed now in the public domain! I wonder if that will stop all those chain restaurants with their awful substitute songs…

Big news in Florida, Wi-Fi is going to be available on school busses. The district feels that those kids who are on the bus for long periods of time going to/from school should have access to the internet to help them start on their homework… Yeah, right…

Forget the “I’m Cait” Halloween costume, how about the “Donna T. Rumpshaker” costume? Topical, hilarious, sexy…

What do you expect with the economy? Detroit is flush with “drive-thru” pot shops thanks to the many vacant fast food & bank buildings. Their issue? They didn’t think ahead to regulate such enterprises as far as where they could be located. Many are near schools & churches. They had to see this coming…

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night! Yep, the Bay City Rollers are releasing a new album after more than 30 years. Now down to a trio, the group is aiming for a December release which is just in time for Christmas. There is still litigation pending against Arista Records, apparently they owe the Rollers millions in unpaid royalties

This is one of the weirdest fetishes I’ve seen – being paid to be sat on. This petite blonde makes somewhere north of $200k a year.

I take that back. Inserting slimy alien eggs into your orifices so they can ooze back out is about the weirdest. Definitely NSFW or NSFL…

I knew it, I just knew it. Being the “fat kid” in school I always had an inkling that the PE teachers had it out for me and this study bears that out… Bastards…

Ground control to Astronaut Sonia? This woman is on a short-list of those willing to being the first humans to travel to Mars. She is going despite having a family here and they fully support her. The trip will take several years and estimates that the first fatality will occur only 68 days into the trip.

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