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Like a Boss

Like a Boss

This week the gang talk about the show that Jenn the Intern bugged MattyV & Dan the Man to watch on Netflix. She was right, it was a damn good show and totally blows that Starz didn’t renew it for a 3rd season.

Boss follows the life of Thomas Kane, mayor of Chicago, as he deals with health issues, family issues, political issues, & issues from his past. MattyV mentioned it a time or two before, the show is kind of a meld of The West Wing and The Sopranos.

Some faces might be familiar to the likes of rapper T.I., Martin Donovan (of Ant-Man fame), and of course Kathleen Robertson (from Beverly Hills, 90210 and more recently Bates Motel). You’ll see ALOT of Kathleen Robertson in the show (tons of tits & ass)…

Certainly not a series to watch with children in the room because of the language, sex, & violence. It lasted 2 season on Starz (for a total of 18 episodes), and let us say up front you will be pissed off at the final 3 episodes.

The show is currently streaming on Netflix, you can rent episodes from Lionsgate on YouTube

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Sunday Cinema – “Under Wraps”


In the spirit of Halloween, “Under Wraps” follows 3 friends who unknowingly revive a 3,000 year old mummy. After setting him free, they scramble to get him back to his final resting place by midnight on Halloween or he will turn to dust and miss the chance to be reunited with his long-lost love.

This was a Hallmark made-for-television movie, one of those made to seem like a “Goosebumps”-type movie. It definitely has that kind of feel and better than that, it has a lot of b-list actors including Adam Wylie, Bill Fagerbakke, & Corrine Bohrer!

Someone nicely posted this Halloween gem for everyone to enjoy on YouTube!

Live Action

Live Action

MattyV was farting around the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube and found a web series called “LARPs: The Series“, which is a Canadian venture about a group of LARPers (Live Action Role-Play). They just recently received funding for a 2nd season thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, which we have to admit has been a great outlet for indie projects to get off the ground. Filled with humor, romance, & conflict, these episodes are around 5 minutes each and you can easily blow through the first season in an afternoon. For a “blast from the past” LARPing adventure starring Tom Hanks (yes, THAT Tom Hanks!) check out the made-for-television movie, “Mazes & Monsters“. It’s a propaganda film about the dangers of playing RPGs…

Ever have nosy neighbors? Have one that called the cops? How about calling the cops for just sitting? This guy wrote an open letter to a neighbor that called the cops because he was sitting on a park bench carrying a camera!

Many McDonald’s franchisees are upset over the whole “Breakfast All Day” campaign because they are losing money hand over fist. Having to hire more staff, longer wait times, & less profitable offerings are to blame…

Have a Borders gift card with money still on it? Guess what? A judge recently ruled in a class action lawsuit that any remaining gift cards are now worthless. He argues that when the stores were going out of business that the cards could still have been used and that the class action suit was brought up too late.

Someone in Bel-Air is pissing away 1300 gallons of water A DAY! In a drought emergency and there is nothing that the city can do. They can charge for the water but cannot assess any penalties for excess usage. There is speculation that a wealthy family from the Middle East or a golf course is the culprit.

Up yours Aunt Jennie! A woman who tried to sue her nephew for a broken wrist was denied a trial 4 years after the incident! When visiting her nephew’s 8th birthday party, her nephew was so excited that he jumped into her arms and caused her to break her wrist. She claims to have trouble getting to the third floor of her Manhattan apartment complex and recently had trouble holding her hors d’oeuvre plate at a social function. She tried to collect $127,000 for her injury but says she loves her nephew very much…

One dead & 4 wounded at a ZombiCon in Florida. Kinda ironic?

Beware the Halloween Whopper! It leaves scary things behind after being consumed. MattyV didn’t think it tasted too bad, they could have skipped the A-1 flavoring in the bun. He half-suspects that the flavoring was there to take away from an aftertaste of the black coloring. And, yes, MattyV did experience the aftermath…

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Sunday Cinema – “Trick or Treat”


Eddie was the kid people pushed around. He loved heavy metal music and was devastated to learn of the passing of Sammi Curr, one of his idols. Seeking comfort from a local DJ, Eddie receives the last known recording by Sammi and it comes with a horrible price. As Sammi says in the film, “You should be loyal to your heroes or they can turn on you…”

This gem from 1986 stars Marc Price (“Skippy Handelman” from the show, “Family Ties”) as Eddie, Gene Simmons as DJ Nuke (one of his many 80’s movie roles), and a brief cameo by Ozzy Osbourne (as a preacher of all things). This movie isn’t to be confused by the much-later produced “Trick ‘r Treat“, a montage of horror stories ala’ “Creepshow”.

A movie that played into the notion of backwards masking & heavy metal devil worship which was a big topic of discussion when this film was released. Heavy metal fans will not only enjoy the cameos, but also the soundtrack as done by Fastway – former Motorhead guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke & current vocalist for Flogging Molly, Dave King. An interesting bit of trivia – the director, Charles Martin Smith, makes a cameo in the film and is best known for playing “Terry the Toad” in George Lucas’ movie “American Graffiti”…

It is available on DVD with Gene & Ozzy prominently on the cover (even though their screen time is less that 15 minutes total), some kind soul has digitized it and uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy this Halloween!

Hipster Hippy Hip

Hipster Hippy Hip

An “upscale” cereal café is coming under fire for “gentrifying” a poor neighborhood in London. I can’t think of any cereal I would pay a premium for at a restaurant… Gentrification is a serious issue to be sure, next on Class War’s list? Attacking the Jack the Ripper museum for objectifying the sexual molestation & murder of women…

The “Doomsday Vault” is seeing it’s first withdrawals to help Syria re-grow crops. The vault near the Artic holds seeds for thousands of different species of plants & vegetables. Apparently because of where it’s located, if the power goes out the seeds will be preserved for years…

I don’t think I would pay that much for an iconic vehicle like Fonzie’s Triumph, someone did pony up over $100k for the classic motorcycle…

I have to say that this didn’t happen, as unfortunate as it is. A woman in Michigan claims that she bought coffee for the bullies behind her in line that were making fun of her looks. The chairman of the chain said that none of the employees remember such an incident but rewarded the woman anyway with a gift card and coffee mug. Good PR for the chain, but will only allow other such “incidents” to happen and have to be rewarded as well…

Pumpkin beers and other products using fresh pumpkin are being released even earlier this year due to climate change. Because of above-average temperatures, pumpkins have ripened sooner than last year which means products using fresh pumpkin need to utilize them quickly…

A baby took down the music industry! A judge recently ruled that copyright holders must determine first whether or not music featured in a YouTube video are outside the “fair use” realm before requesting them to be taken down. A woman sued Universal Music over a 29-second video that was taken down of her baby son dancing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” that was playing in the background. Now each case has to be individually determined and not just removed. Hurrah!

There’s a right way to express your displeasure over a botched order and a right way. A gentleman in Houston chose poorly when he discovered pickles on his McDonald’s hamburger. Luckily he wasn’t arrested…

What happens to the shittiest public toilet in Japan? It get’s taken over by an anime company and turned into one of the best. Now dubbed the “Sushi Ninja Toilet”, other companies are following suit to get their name on some public toilets for publicity & advertising… Great job!

One of the most-iconic costumes in the history of film (and geekdom!) Slave Leia’s gold bikini outfit has gone on the auction block along with some other Star Wars memorabilia. It’s expected to get somewhere north of $100k when the auction ends…

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Sunday Cinema – “Electric Dreams”


Back in 1984, computers were starting to become more prevalent in households. Many feared that this proliferation would lead to some sort of Orwellian nightmare with “big brother” constantly monitoring your life. There was also question about letting such devices take over our lives.

“Electric Dreams” follows a guy named Miles who purchased a state-of-the-art computer that does a lot of things that we take for granted today (from controlling lights to making coffee). An accidental spill of champagne causes “Edgar” to awake and become a thinking/emoting artificial intelligence life form. Things go downhill fast when Edgar and his owner vie for the affections of Madeline (a VERY young Virginia Madsen!), a cute cello-playing neighbor.

The band Culture Club helped to score this film, several of their songs can be found on the soundtrack to the movie. You might recognize the voice of Edgar, it is none other than Bud Cort! You might remember him from the seminal classic, “Harold & Maude”…

Some nice Brazillian posted a copy on YouTube for you to enjoy (subtitle-free!)…

The Itching

The Itching

Jen the Intern couldn’t join us due to other engagements, but she tagged us in a video someone posted on Facebook of a woman treating her cooch like a scratch-n-sniff sticker… Reminded MattyV of this video that was featured on a Tosh.o episode…

In the same vein, MattyV found this article about a Sandusky, OH Taco Bell employee that was fired after a customer photographed him with his hand down the back of his pants. These days if you work in any sort of customer service capacity you need to be careful because EVERYONE has a camera & access to a huge audience…

A woman in Spain was find $900 for posting a photo she took of a police vehicle parked in a handicapped parking spot. Things may be different in Spain when it comes to filming police, here in the US even the cops now have body cameras to capture their side of things.

Matty’s been on a “Bar Rescue” binge lately and spoke about a local brewery that he doesn’t think will last in their current location. He also mentioned an article about why you shouldn’t freeze your beer glasses

Coming to a pump near you if you live in California – purchasing lottery tickets! The limit is $50 a week but you can your Mega Millions tickets while you pump gas…

MattyV came across a list of the highest paid public employee in each state. Is it any wonder that the majority of occupations on the list are college football coaches?

Failing at playing hooky, a reporter finds 2 boys that were reported as missing he was sent out to do a news report on. Funny thing is, they were not far from where they were last seen. Their excuse? They didn’t feel like going to school that day…

“Leave her alone, you bitch!” – A company is building the power suit as seen in James Cameron’s “Aliens”…

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Sunday Cinema – “Deadly Prey”


This film was a straight-to-video release during the video rental boom of the 1980’s. Studios popped up all over to help meet the demand for video content. Starring Troy Donahue, a group of twisted mercenaries kidnap people off the street and release them into the “wild” in order to help train and practice their “hunting” skills. I believe the premise was re-used years later in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Hard Target” film.

You can check it out on YouTube, there was actually a sequel that was developed fairly recently entitled “Deadliest Prey“…