The Itching

The Itching

Jen the Intern couldn’t join us due to other engagements, but she tagged us in a video someone posted on Facebook of a woman treating her cooch like a scratch-n-sniff sticker… Reminded MattyV of this video that was featured on a Tosh.o episode…

In the same vein, MattyV found this article about a Sandusky, OH Taco Bell employee that was fired after a customer photographed him with his hand down the back of his pants. These days if you work in any sort of customer service capacity you need to be careful because EVERYONE has a camera & access to a huge audience…

A woman in Spain was find $900 for posting a photo she took of a police vehicle parked in a handicapped parking spot. Things may be different in Spain when it comes to filming police, here in the US even the cops now have body cameras to capture their side of things.

Matty’s been on a “Bar Rescue” binge lately and spoke about a local brewery that he doesn’t think will last in their current location. He also mentioned an article about why you shouldn’t freeze your beer glasses

Coming to a pump near you if you live in California – purchasing lottery tickets! The limit is $50 a week but you can your Mega Millions tickets while you pump gas…

MattyV came across a list of the highest paid public employee in each state. Is it any wonder that the majority of occupations on the list are college football coaches?

Failing at playing hooky, a reporter finds 2 boys that were reported as missing he was sent out to do a news report on. Funny thing is, they were not far from where they were last seen. Their excuse? They didn’t feel like going to school that day…

“Leave her alone, you bitch!” – A company is building the power suit as seen in James Cameron’s “Aliens”…

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Until next week Junkies


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