Sunday Cinema – “Electric Dreams”


Back in 1984, computers were starting to become more prevalent in households. Many feared that this proliferation would lead to some sort of Orwellian nightmare with “big brother” constantly monitoring your life. There was also question about letting such devices take over our lives.

“Electric Dreams” follows a guy named Miles who purchased a state-of-the-art computer that does a lot of things that we take for granted today (from controlling lights to making coffee). An accidental spill of champagne causes “Edgar” to awake and become a thinking/emoting artificial intelligence life form. Things go downhill fast when Edgar and his owner vie for the affections of Madeline (a VERY young Virginia Madsen!), a cute cello-playing neighbor.

The band Culture Club helped to score this film, several of their songs can be found on the soundtrack to the movie. You might recognize the voice of Edgar, it is none other than Bud Cort! You might remember him from the seminal classic, “Harold & Maude”…

Some nice Brazillian posted a copy on YouTube for you to enjoy (subtitle-free!)…


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