Hipster Hippy Hip

Hipster Hippy Hip

An “upscale” cereal café is coming under fire for “gentrifying” a poor neighborhood in London. I can’t think of any cereal I would pay a premium for at a restaurant… Gentrification is a serious issue to be sure, next on Class War’s list? Attacking the Jack the Ripper museum for objectifying the sexual molestation & murder of women…

The “Doomsday Vault” is seeing it’s first withdrawals to help Syria re-grow crops. The vault near the Artic holds seeds for thousands of different species of plants & vegetables. Apparently because of where it’s located, if the power goes out the seeds will be preserved for years…

I don’t think I would pay that much for an iconic vehicle like Fonzie’s Triumph, someone did pony up over $100k for the classic motorcycle…

I have to say that this didn’t happen, as unfortunate as it is. A woman in Michigan claims that she bought coffee for the bullies behind her in line that were making fun of her looks. The chairman of the chain said that none of the employees remember such an incident but rewarded the woman anyway with a gift card and coffee mug. Good PR for the chain, but will only allow other such “incidents” to happen and have to be rewarded as well…

Pumpkin beers and other products using fresh pumpkin are being released even earlier this year due to climate change. Because of above-average temperatures, pumpkins have ripened sooner than last year which means products using fresh pumpkin need to utilize them quickly…

A baby took down the music industry! A judge recently ruled that copyright holders must determine first whether or not music featured in a YouTube video are outside the “fair use” realm before requesting them to be taken down. A woman sued Universal Music over a 29-second video that was taken down of her baby son dancing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” that was playing in the background. Now each case has to be individually determined and not just removed. Hurrah!

There’s a right way to express your displeasure over a botched order and a right way. A gentleman in Houston chose poorly when he discovered pickles on his McDonald’s hamburger. Luckily he wasn’t arrested…

What happens to the shittiest public toilet in Japan? It get’s taken over by an anime company and turned into one of the best. Now dubbed the “Sushi Ninja Toilet”, other companies are following suit to get their name on some public toilets for publicity & advertising… Great job!

One of the most-iconic costumes in the history of film (and geekdom!) Slave Leia’s gold bikini outfit has gone on the auction block along with some other Star Wars memorabilia. It’s expected to get somewhere north of $100k when the auction ends…

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