Sunday Cinema – “Trick or Treat”


Eddie was the kid people pushed around. He loved heavy metal music and was devastated to learn of the passing of Sammi Curr, one of his idols. Seeking comfort from a local DJ, Eddie receives the last known recording by Sammi and it comes with a horrible price. As Sammi says in the film, “You should be loyal to your heroes or they can turn on you…”

This gem from 1986 stars Marc Price (“Skippy Handelman” from the show, “Family Ties”) as Eddie, Gene Simmons as DJ Nuke (one of his many 80’s movie roles), and a brief cameo by Ozzy Osbourne (as a preacher of all things). This movie isn’t to be confused by the much-later produced “Trick ‘r Treat“, a montage of horror stories ala’ “Creepshow”.

A movie that played into the notion of backwards masking & heavy metal devil worship which was a big topic of discussion when this film was released. Heavy metal fans will not only enjoy the cameos, but also the soundtrack as done by Fastway – former Motorhead guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke & current vocalist for Flogging Molly, Dave King. An interesting bit of trivia – the director, Charles Martin Smith, makes a cameo in the film and is best known for playing “Terry the Toad” in George Lucas’ movie “American Graffiti”…

It is available on DVD with Gene & Ozzy prominently on the cover (even though their screen time is less that 15 minutes total), some kind soul has digitized it and uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy this Halloween!


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