Live Action

Live Action

MattyV was farting around the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube and found a web series called “LARPs: The Series“, which is a Canadian venture about a group of LARPers (Live Action Role-Play). They just recently received funding for a 2nd season thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, which we have to admit has been a great outlet for indie projects to get off the ground. Filled with humor, romance, & conflict, these episodes are around 5 minutes each and you can easily blow through the first season in an afternoon. For a “blast from the past” LARPing adventure starring Tom Hanks (yes, THAT Tom Hanks!) check out the made-for-television movie, “Mazes & Monsters“. It’s a propaganda film about the dangers of playing RPGs…

Ever have nosy neighbors? Have one that called the cops? How about calling the cops for just sitting? This guy wrote an open letter to a neighbor that called the cops because he was sitting on a park bench carrying a camera!

Many McDonald’s franchisees are upset over the whole “Breakfast All Day” campaign because they are losing money hand over fist. Having to hire more staff, longer wait times, & less profitable offerings are to blame…

Have a Borders gift card with money still on it? Guess what? A judge recently ruled in a class action lawsuit that any remaining gift cards are now worthless. He argues that when the stores were going out of business that the cards could still have been used and that the class action suit was brought up too late.

Someone in Bel-Air is pissing away 1300 gallons of water A DAY! In a drought emergency and there is nothing that the city can do. They can charge for the water but cannot assess any penalties for excess usage. There is speculation that a wealthy family from the Middle East or a golf course is the culprit.

Up yours Aunt Jennie! A woman who tried to sue her nephew for a broken wrist was denied a trial 4 years after the incident! When visiting her nephew’s 8th birthday party, her nephew was so excited that he jumped into her arms and caused her to break her wrist. She claims to have trouble getting to the third floor of her Manhattan apartment complex and recently had trouble holding her hors d’oeuvre plate at a social function. She tried to collect $127,000 for her injury but says she loves her nephew very much…

One dead & 4 wounded at a ZombiCon in Florida. Kinda ironic?

Beware the Halloween Whopper! It leaves scary things behind after being consumed. MattyV didn’t think it tasted too bad, they could have skipped the A-1 flavoring in the bun. He half-suspects that the flavoring was there to take away from an aftertaste of the black coloring. And, yes, MattyV did experience the aftermath…

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