Like a Boss

Like a Boss

This week the gang talk about the show that Jenn the Intern bugged MattyV & Dan the Man to watch on Netflix. She was right, it was a damn good show and totally blows that Starz didn’t renew it for a 3rd season.

Boss follows the life of Thomas Kane, mayor of Chicago, as he deals with health issues, family issues, political issues, & issues from his past. MattyV mentioned it a time or two before, the show is kind of a meld of The West Wing and The Sopranos.

Some faces might be familiar to the likes of rapper T.I., Martin Donovan (of Ant-Man fame), and of course Kathleen Robertson (from Beverly Hills, 90210 and more recently Bates Motel). You’ll see ALOT of Kathleen Robertson in the show (tons of tits & ass)…

Certainly not a series to watch with children in the room because of the language, sex, & violence. It lasted 2 season on Starz (for a total of 18 episodes), and let us say up front you will be pissed off at the final 3 episodes.

The show is currently streaming on Netflix, you can rent episodes from Lionsgate on YouTube

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