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Sunday Cinema – “Small Wonder’s Thanksgiving Episode”


“Small Wonder” was a comedy series that aired on television back in the 1980s. It revolved around a family whose patriarch created an android and disguised her as their daughter. How no one realized she was a robot is a mystery (the staccato voice, odd behaviors, super strength).

This is an episode entitled “A Thanksgiving Story” where Jamie’s friend Adam is a “latchkey kid” and got the opportunity to go on a skiing trip over Thanksgiving. Jamie & his “sister” Vicki plot to fool a charity so that they can go on the same skiing trip.

As cheesy as it is, it does have it’s charm. Someone posted the episode for everyone to enjoy during the holidays…

A Tale of Two Turkeys…

Two years ago a couple of friends started on a journey to try out this popular medium called “podcasting”. A few months later, another friend joined up and we all had a good time sharing stories, opinions, & other wacky stuff. Hard to believe we’re over 100 podcasts and still going strong!

This week we wanted to reflect on the way we celebrated Thanksgiving in previous years and that is through commentaries! Our first Thanksgiving found MattyV & Dan the Man chowing down on Taco Bell tacos while watching the holiday classic, “Planes, Trains, & Automobiles“(which is currently streaming on Netflix).

The next year, MattyV tried to recreate as much of the Thanksgiving feast Snoopy & Woodstock prepared the gang in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving“(which is available on YouTube).

When you’re stuffed to the gills with turkey and had enough of football, feel free to download these commentaries and settle in with the gang as you watch these holiday classics!

From all of us at Junkiosity – The Pod, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Sunday Cinema – “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”


Another annual tradition in years gone by were the multitude of Charlie Brown-themed holiday specials. The most famous being the Christmas special, a close second would be the Thanksgiving one.

I always enjoyed seeing the Thanksgiving “feast” that was prepared which included jelly beans, toast, & ice cream sundaes!

Check it out HERE  and don’t forget to download the commentary we did a few years ago to go along with it!

Let’s Get Sexual

Let‘s Get Sexual

MattyV found this article on the adult escort business surrounding military bases…

So, an academic coach is currently in hot water with a sex scandal at Notre Dame. Nothing much of note, right? Well, the sex scandal revolves around getting members of the football & basketball team to have sex with her daughter!

All around the world, well-known fast food chains often have to change their menu to cater to the local populations. Like in India, you cannot get any sort of beef burgers because of the religious culture. Someone posted 18 unique meals you can get at KFCs around the world. There are some interesting things, some I wouldn’t mind trying!

Stores have their Christmas displays and merchandise up, municipalities are putting up their Christmas decorations, hell, even one of the local easy-listening stations has switched to playing Christmas music 24 hours a day. Now the war on Christmas shopping has begun, “Black November” is upon us. Stores aren’t waiting until the end of the month to try and capture the bargain-hunting holiday shoppers, they’ve already started…

Ozzy calls it quits. Last year there was an announcement that Black Sabbath was going back into the studio one more time to develop another album. He says he doesn’t want to go and do another album for just another sack o’ cash

Forget pig latin. Forget morse code. This news station shares the “hidden” language kids use online and in texts…

F*cked over by a casino or a legit malfunction? Woman says she won $8 million on a slot machine (with photo of the jackpot), casino says she actually won $80. The max payout on the machine was supposed to be $40,000 (which I am sure was plastered all over the machine).

A ten-year-old who saw his mother fatally stab his father wrote to a judge asking that she stay in prison. Judge accommodates and changes release date to December 2016…

He just did what it said… A child “showed his thinking” in answering a previous math question…

All about the Bern, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to make marijuana recreationally legal basically ending prohibition on the drug and taking it off the controlled substances list.

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Sunday Cinema – “The Mouse on the Mayflower”


Back before the multitude of channel offerings & on-demand programming, we would look forward to the holidays because television networks would play special programming that you could only see once a year. “The Mouse on the Mayflower” is one such selection that showed usually the evening before Thanksgiving.

Created by the team of Rankin/Bass (famous for many other holiday favorites), this cartoon tells the tale of the first Thanksgiving through the eyes of a mouse that arrived in America via the Mayflower. Surprisingly, it still holds up over 40 years later…

Someone was kind enough to digitize a copy and place it online for all to enjoy!

MattyV Recommends

Philip K. Dick is one of MattyV’s favorite sci-fi authors that has penned many tales which were turned into some pretty interesting movies (“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” = “Bladerunner”, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” = “Total Recall”, “Adjustment Team” = “The Adjustment Bureau”). Now Ridley Scott has taken yet another tale and turned it into a series on Amazon.

“The Man in the High Castle” takes us on a journey to an alternate 1962 America. The difference in this reality is that Germany & Japan had won World War II. America is now divided into 3 sections, the Japanese Pacific States (the West), the Neutral Zone (an area that stretches along the Rocky Mountains), & the Greater Nazi Reich (the Midwest & East).

A series of newsreel films that were created by someone known only as “The Man in the High Castle” are being shared by the resistance. These films show images of America winning the war and prospering. Of course The Nazis and Japanese do not want such propaganda to exist so they are desperately on the hunt to find and destroy both the films and those that wish to make the alternate history found in the newsreels a reality.

Amazon is currently streaming the first two episodes of “The Man in the High Castle” now with promises of releasing the rest of the series on November 20th.

MattyV highly recommends checking out the series and more importantly checking out the source material.

For Sale

For Sale

Amazon has recently cracked down on “fake” product reviews and is suing an outfit that offered to post glowing & positive reviews of your product or book for as low as $5. This is why MattyV always checks out the one-star reviews before purchasing products…

Talk about balls, this guy was caught on camera stealing 32 iPhones from a Walmart by breaking into the case they were being stored in & putting them in a suitcase. He of course nicely pays for the suitcase and rolls out with hundreds of dollars. Granted the phones are traceable, but I assume there are ways to make them usable on the underground market.

Legally, Bud Light Lime is a craft beer according to a recent ruling. A judge threw out a class action lawsuit calling out MillerCoor’s Blue Moon being labeled as a “craft beer” (they make 70 million barrels a year). The lawsuit alleged that Blue Moon was overpriced as compared to other beers in the MillerCoors family, it doesn’t conform to the Brewers Association standards, & misleads consumers over ownership. The judge wants a clear template as to what defines a “craft beer” and the lawsuit did not (according to him) propose one. For f*ck’s sake, “craft beer” is the same as “small batch distilled liquors” these days. Of course the big boys want to cash in on it…

A South Dakota tribe is well on their way to opening the first “marijuana resort“. People can relax & play a game of pool while getting baked, maybe take in a show while high, or maybe gamble a little while taking a toke…

With all the negativity about Christians these days, this church did something that should get people talking. An Ohio church congregation ordered a Domino’s pizza during a church service and handed the delivery driver a $1,000 tip. There are still decent people in the world…

What can’t weed do? It apparently could help California with their water emergency. By regulating the growing of pot legally the thought is that illegal operations will stop diverting rivers & creeks or stealing water from protected watersheds. The trick is to find a regulatory “balance” that will entice black market growers to want to go legit…

A study has concluded that it is much more difficult to be skinny today than it was in the 1980’s, even with eating & exercising the same. One theory has to do with increased exposure to possible weight gain-inducing chemicals from pesticides, packaging, & clothing. Yea! Progress!

Oh, Walmart, when are you going to learn? Skinhead iron-on patches have been found in packages meant for kids clothing.  And of course they are in the news again this Halloween for offering an Israeli soldier costume for kids complete with Uzi submachine gun… Last year it was the Islamic Terrorist costume for adults…

With McDonald’s & Burger King trying to settle into a “bistro” vibe with their re-vamped menus and interiors, Taco Bell is trying to one-up them by opening Taco Bell “Cantina”-style restaurants across the country. They have the same menus as regular restaurants but are able to sell booze! Here’s a review from a Chicago bartender when he and a friend decided to try their mixed drink fare…

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Sunday Cinema – “Remote”


When the movie “Home Alone” broke box office records, everyone was clamoring to cash in on the idea. Knock-offs abounded to achieve some modicum of success on the coattails of John Hughes’ movie. A lot of straight-to-video releases pitted kids against adults, one of the stranger ones was “Remote”.

Randy is not your typical 13 year old. He loves to create remote-controlled toys. When one of his creations went awry and ruined a friend’s science project, Randy takes off to his hiding spot – an abandoned model suburban home. But someone else has made it their hideout, a group of escaped prisoners looking to burgle the neighborhood. Randy isn’t going to stand for that so he deploys his army of remote-controlled toys to bring them down.

A family movie for sure. Grab some popcorn and get ready for some real cheese…

Someone posted it on YouTube, grab the family and enjoy!

Happy 100th!

Happy 100th!

Hologram USA is at it again. They helped develop the Tupac & Michael Jackson hologram concerts, this time around they are developing Redd Foxx & Andy Kaufman concerts as well. Will there be a Sam Kinison concert in the near future?

Speaking of Sam, MattyV saw this Bon Jovi video for “Bad Medicine” that starred him as a part of the video intro!

Steve Jobs is a good movie, but wait for it to come out on DVD. Taking place at the launch of the Macintosh, the launch of the NeXT computer, & the launch of the iMac – it deals with a genius trying to handle stress and ego. If you’re interested in Apple & interested in learning more about one of the founders, this may be one to see.

Dan the Man & Jenn the Intern recommend “The Martian“, Dan also recommends “Argo” for those Gen Xers that barely remember this amazing point in history.

Election time is still going strong with over a year to go. It’s only gonna get worse. The group agreed that years ago the election process was much simpler and less mud-slingingly than it is today. But then we didn’t have access to information 24hrs/day.

MattyV & Jenn love the web series, “LARPs: The Series“. Check it out.

Seems there is a glut of subscription boxes out there, even celebrities have their own subscription boxes…

If you’re gonna do it, buy the damn sausage and do it at home. Don’t be this hambeast of a woman…(here’s the shaming video MattyV talked about)

Reality car shows have gone the way of other “reality” shows, replacing actual interesting restorations with wacky shenanigans… A shame…

Check out our “Sunday Cinema” pick, “Road Kill” as well as Dan the Man’s suggestion of “Kill Me Three Times” with Simon Pegg…

Yep, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is getting a TV movie treatment starring Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-n-Furter…

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Sunday Cinema – “Road Kill”


“Road Trains” are prevalent in Australia, semi-trucks with multiple trailers attached transporting goods across the continent. A group of teens camping in the remote outback come in contact with one such “road train” that totals out their vehicle. Later they carjack the semi-truck but do not realize the evil forces that lurk within its cab. Some compare this film to “Duel”, another good thriller…

Someone posted this Aussie horror flick on YouTube for everyone to enjoy!