Happy 100th!

Happy 100th!

Hologram USA is at it again. They helped develop the Tupac & Michael Jackson hologram concerts, this time around they are developing Redd Foxx & Andy Kaufman concerts as well. Will there be a Sam Kinison concert in the near future?

Speaking of Sam, MattyV saw this Bon Jovi video for “Bad Medicine” that starred him as a part of the video intro!

Steve Jobs is a good movie, but wait for it to come out on DVD. Taking place at the launch of the Macintosh, the launch of the NeXT computer, & the launch of the iMac – it deals with a genius trying to handle stress and ego. If you’re interested in Apple & interested in learning more about one of the founders, this may be one to see.

Dan the Man & Jenn the Intern recommend “The Martian“, Dan also recommends “Argo” for those Gen Xers that barely remember this amazing point in history.

Election time is still going strong with over a year to go. It’s only gonna get worse. The group agreed that years ago the election process was much simpler and less mud-slingingly than it is today. But then we didn’t have access to information 24hrs/day.

MattyV & Jenn love the web series, “LARPs: The Series“. Check it out.

Seems there is a glut of subscription boxes out there, even celebrities have their own subscription boxes…

If you’re gonna do it, buy the damn sausage and do it at home. Don’t be this hambeast of a woman…(here’s the shaming video MattyV talked about)

Reality car shows have gone the way of other “reality” shows, replacing actual interesting restorations with wacky shenanigans… A shame…

Check out our “Sunday Cinema” pick, “Road Kill” as well as Dan the Man’s suggestion of “Kill Me Three Times” with Simon Pegg…

Yep, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is getting a TV movie treatment starring Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-n-Furter…

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Until next week Junkies


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