Sunday Cinema – “Remote”


When the movie “Home Alone” broke box office records, everyone was clamoring to cash in on the idea. Knock-offs abounded to achieve some modicum of success on the coattails of John Hughes’ movie. A lot of straight-to-video releases pitted kids against adults, one of the stranger ones was “Remote”.

Randy is not your typical 13 year old. He loves to create remote-controlled toys. When one of his creations went awry and ruined a friend’s science project, Randy takes off to his hiding spot – an abandoned model suburban home. But someone else has made it their hideout, a group of escaped prisoners looking to burgle the neighborhood. Randy isn’t going to stand for that so he deploys his army of remote-controlled toys to bring them down.

A family movie for sure. Grab some popcorn and get ready for some real cheese…

Someone posted it on YouTube, grab the family and enjoy!


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