For Sale

For Sale

Amazon has recently cracked down on “fake” product reviews and is suing an outfit that offered to post glowing & positive reviews of your product or book for as low as $5. This is why MattyV always checks out the one-star reviews before purchasing products…

Talk about balls, this guy was caught on camera stealing 32 iPhones from a Walmart by breaking into the case they were being stored in & putting them in a suitcase. He of course nicely pays for the suitcase and rolls out with hundreds of dollars. Granted the phones are traceable, but I assume there are ways to make them usable on the underground market.

Legally, Bud Light Lime is a craft beer according to a recent ruling. A judge threw out a class action lawsuit calling out MillerCoor’s Blue Moon being labeled as a “craft beer” (they make 70 million barrels a year). The lawsuit alleged that Blue Moon was overpriced as compared to other beers in the MillerCoors family, it doesn’t conform to the Brewers Association standards, & misleads consumers over ownership. The judge wants a clear template as to what defines a “craft beer” and the lawsuit did not (according to him) propose one. For f*ck’s sake, “craft beer” is the same as “small batch distilled liquors” these days. Of course the big boys want to cash in on it…

A South Dakota tribe is well on their way to opening the first “marijuana resort“. People can relax & play a game of pool while getting baked, maybe take in a show while high, or maybe gamble a little while taking a toke…

With all the negativity about Christians these days, this church did something that should get people talking. An Ohio church congregation ordered a Domino’s pizza during a church service and handed the delivery driver a $1,000 tip. There are still decent people in the world…

What can’t weed do? It apparently could help California with their water emergency. By regulating the growing of pot legally the thought is that illegal operations will stop diverting rivers & creeks or stealing water from protected watersheds. The trick is to find a regulatory “balance” that will entice black market growers to want to go legit…

A study has concluded that it is much more difficult to be skinny today than it was in the 1980’s, even with eating & exercising the same. One theory has to do with increased exposure to possible weight gain-inducing chemicals from pesticides, packaging, & clothing. Yea! Progress!

Oh, Walmart, when are you going to learn? Skinhead iron-on patches have been found in packages meant for kids clothing.  And of course they are in the news again this Halloween for offering an Israeli soldier costume for kids complete with Uzi submachine gun… Last year it was the Islamic Terrorist costume for adults…

With McDonald’s & Burger King trying to settle into a “bistro” vibe with their re-vamped menus and interiors, Taco Bell is trying to one-up them by opening Taco Bell “Cantina”-style restaurants across the country. They have the same menus as regular restaurants but are able to sell booze! Here’s a review from a Chicago bartender when he and a friend decided to try their mixed drink fare…

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