Let’s Get Sexual

Let‘s Get Sexual

MattyV found this article on the adult escort business surrounding military bases…

So, an academic coach is currently in hot water with a sex scandal at Notre Dame. Nothing much of note, right? Well, the sex scandal revolves around getting members of the football & basketball team to have sex with her daughter!

All around the world, well-known fast food chains often have to change their menu to cater to the local populations. Like in India, you cannot get any sort of beef burgers because of the religious culture. Someone posted 18 unique meals you can get at KFCs around the world. There are some interesting things, some I wouldn’t mind trying!

Stores have their Christmas displays and merchandise up, municipalities are putting up their Christmas decorations, hell, even one of the local easy-listening stations has switched to playing Christmas music 24 hours a day. Now the war on Christmas shopping has begun, “Black November” is upon us. Stores aren’t waiting until the end of the month to try and capture the bargain-hunting holiday shoppers, they’ve already started…

Ozzy calls it quits. Last year there was an announcement that Black Sabbath was going back into the studio one more time to develop another album. He says he doesn’t want to go and do another album for just another sack o’ cash

Forget pig latin. Forget morse code. This news station shares the “hidden” language kids use online and in texts…

F*cked over by a casino or a legit malfunction? Woman says she won $8 million on a slot machine (with photo of the jackpot), casino says she actually won $80. The max payout on the machine was supposed to be $40,000 (which I am sure was plastered all over the machine).

A ten-year-old who saw his mother fatally stab his father wrote to a judge asking that she stay in prison. Judge accommodates and changes release date to December 2016…

He just did what it said… A child “showed his thinking” in answering a previous math question…

All about the Bern, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to make marijuana recreationally legal basically ending prohibition on the drug and taking it off the controlled substances list.

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