Keep It Weird

Keep It Weird

What a way to go. A Canadian couple was found dead in a Mexican hotel hot tub by their daughter just a few days before her wedding. Initial reports state the man had a heart attack and fell over on top of his wife who drown. If you’re gonna bang, do it in bed like normal people…

“Keep Portland Weird” has been the slogan for years and has been a mecca for hipsters, slackers, & artists. But now they are finding that rent in the area is exceeding their income as a coffee barista for 20 hours a week. Being hip these days is getting expensive… Reminds MattyV of the Portlandia skit with Fred Armisen

GQ magazine has crowned “the world’s best burger” and get this – it doesn’t contain meat! The burger is totally vegan, yet apparently you cannot tell…

Joe’s Crab Shack is the first national chain to ban tipping from its restaurants. They are going to be paying servers $14/hr and raising prices by around 15% to compensate. Great move on their part, servers are getting a semblance of a living wage and cheapo/non-tippers are eliminated…

An outfit in California has used science & math to create a machine that will age certain spirits by 20 years in as little as a week! It can basically take a rum, bourbon, or tequila and start/stop chemical reactions to “age” the spirits as if they were casked and left to age. This will change the game for making “older” spirits more affordable to the average consumer…

Caffeinated soda, coffee, alcohol, gum. Now apparently there is a caffeinated peanut butter that has hit the shelves and is raising questions from the government.

Vitamin Donuts? Back in the 1940’s the Donut Corporation of America advertised their donuts as healthy because they used enriched flour to make them (enriched flour has vitamins & minerals added to it). The USDA didn’t like the mis-leading advertising and asked that they change the name to “Enriched Flour Donuts”. It didn’t go over well…

Come on baby, it’ll make your skin so soft! A beauty blogger recently revealed that she uses semen on her skin to make it soft & supple. She gets a fresh delivery from a friend (no, she doesn’t sqooze it herself) and uses it as a part of her daily regimen.

We knew this was coming, the fraternity that was the focus of a Rolling Stone article chronicling an alleged gang rape in 2012 (which was found later to be a fabrication) is suing them for $25 million. Don’t blame them, fact-checking is imperative when it comes to journalism. People’s lives have been ruined by articles and news stories that weren’t totally checked out…

Colorado is having major problems with their their decision to make pot legal. First, they made too much money from the taxes and now they have a 2 year moratorium on licenses for new retailers of pot & pot edibles. Good problems to have…

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