Weird Christmas

Weird Christmas


This week the guys did a rundown on the weirdest Christmas traditions from around the world while playing Munchkin Loot Letter:

The Caganer – In southern France and Spain, nativity scenes often have a special character in amongst the shepherds, wisemen, & baby Jesus. The figure is of a man (or sometimes woman) squatting while sh*tting! The myth states that feces were found near the place of Christ’s birth, so someone must have taken a sh*t while visiting the Son of God! There are traditional Caganers, but this website is where you can get all sorts of figures from the famous to political – everyone squatting with a perfectly coiled turd. A mall in France even puts up a GIANT Caganer every year!

Christmas KFC – If you want to eat at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan on Christmas, you better make your reservations now before they are all booked up! Started as a marketing campaign in 1974 (“Kentucky For Christmas” = KFC), the Japanese grabbed onto the campaign and made it an annual tradition. And it’s true, they take advanced reservations for Christmas…

The Pooping Log – Catalonians are crazy when it comes to Christmas traditions. There is a tradition of filling an actual wood log with treats and goodies (“feeding it”) and on Christmas Eve beating it with sticks and commanding it to poop out the goodies. There are songs the children sing to get it to poop, asking it to poop good stuff and not salted herring(?)…

The Krampus – Before it was a Hollywood movie, the legend of the Krampus goes back many years in Austrian & Germanic lore. Krampus is the evil twin of Saint Nicholas who is charged with punishing bad little boys and girls. His use of switches and in some cases placed in burlap sacks and carried to hell scared little children into being good for fear of a visit from Krampus!

La Quema Del Diablo – In Guatemala on December 7th, people clear out their houses of junk & debris and piled it up in the middle of the street. Adding to the pile is an effigy of the devil himself as well as tons of firecrackers & gasoline. At the appropriate hour, the entire pile is lit and people cheer and dance at the destruction of the devil, making way for the Virgin Mary and clearing homes of bad luck for the upcoming new year.

Yule Lads – In Iceland, Santa has helpers to deliver gifts to good children. The Yule Lads are magical beings that descend from the mountains and deliver gifts into the shoes of good little Icelandic children who leave their shoes on the windowsill (the bad kids get potatoes!)…

Spider Web Tree – In the Ukraine there is a story of a poor family that grew a Christmas tree from a pinecone they found. The children dreamed of the decorations they would place on it when Christmas came. Being poor, when Christmas did come they did not have money to decorate the tree. In the morning, however, they found a spider had decorated the tree with beautifully-spun webs that shown like gold and silver in the sun. The Ukraine people decorate their trees with spider webs and spider ornaments for good luck and fortune…

That’s enough holiday weirdness for this week!


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