Money for Nuthin’

Money for Nuthin’

Sorry for the poor audio quality of this week’s episode, MattyV tried to salvage what he could…

Finland is planning to eliminate their welfare program and instead giving every eligible citizen 800 Euros a month in the hopes to get rid of unemployment and homelessness. The flaw comes in when reading the constitution in Finland, every citizen is considered equal. So a millionaire would get the same amount as the single mother with three children.

Contests like the Publisher’s Clearing House need to be made illegal. People are scammed out of millions of dollars each year by thieves claiming to be from the contest and telling them to send in money to cover taxes and legal documentation. This senior lost $16,000 by one such scam artist. How many more seniors are scammed and don’t say anything out of embarrassment. No legitimate contest will require you to send money up front via Western Union…

The voice actor who voiced Charlie Brown in all of the television specials was arrested and will be serving 2 years in prison for making threats against the manager of his mobile home park and others…

Kickstarter is good for indie artists to get their wares before a larger crowd. It’s also good for fans to help creators get projects made that studios passed on. But there are risks, especially when it comes to physical products. People are still waiting for their smart cups and party coolers…

First he f*cked over people by raising a medication’s price to $1500 a pill, he’s now prevented the world from hearing the new Wu-Tang Clan album…

What a load of horsesh*t. Macy’s is being sued for not only racial profiling when it comes to shoplifters, but also coercing false confessions, and on top of that making the detainees pay a $100 cash-only fine for the privilege…

Victory is sealed for those wanting to sing “Happy Birthday” publicly. Warner Music is conceding and allowing the song to go into the public domain. This was a $2 million a year cash cow for them…

F*cking scary, this article about someone who works for a free-to-play gaming company reveals how they tailor the game to you in order to get your money. Yikes…

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