Five “Christmas” Movies

I’m sure you’re watching all the classic Christmas movies that people tend to turn on around this time of year. From flying reindeer to poor, unappreciated Christmas trees, these movies instill in us the wonder and enjoyment of Christmas. On the flipside, there have been movies released that aren’t true “Christmas” movies BUT do involve the holiday. Today we’re going to share our top five (in no particular order):



“Invasion U.S.A”

Chuck Norris plays retired CIA agent Matt Hunter who is brought out of retirement due to multiple terrorist attacks all over the southeastern United States. From blowing up homes decorated for the holidays to a massacre in a shopping mall filled with Christmas shoppers, this movie is “technically” a Christmas movie. Check out the trailer HERE


Lethal Weapon

“Lethal Weapon”

A burnt-out cop and one with just a few days to retire (“I’m gettin’ too old for this sh*t”), this unlikely duo come together to stop a maniacal former military man-turned-drug dealer. Taking place yet again during the Christmas season, be sure to check out the Christmas tree lot/drug deal scene with Anthony Kiedis’ (of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) father (he’s the one in the red flannel).




I have no idea why movie studios release obviously-themed Christmas movies in the summer (it was originally released in June of 1984). This movie revolved around a Christmas gift that a failing inventor gives his son that he picked up in Chinatown. Only 3 rules, 1) Don’t expose it to bright light 2) Don’t get it wet 3) Don’t feed it after midnight. I can let you figure out what happened to the rules



“Batman Returns”

This was the most-anticipated sequel for comic book fans the world over. We were wowed by “Batman” and couldn’t wait to see what other villains would grace the screen. Another summer “Christmas” movie, this one was generally accepted by critics but were a bit disappointed by the choice of villains. Many compared DeVito’s Penguin to Nicholson’s Joker and found the former to be less terrifying and even less funny. Here’s the trailer that made us wet our pants

Die Hard

“Die Hard”

Now this one has gotten many memes as of late (“It’s not Christmas until I see Hans Gruber fall 40 stories” et al), still another summer blockbuster that takes place in December. This is the film that launched Bruce Willis’ action hero career as well as many memorable lines (here’s a scene with 2 of them).

Well, we hope you enjoyed our top five. Rent them from your local video store or Netflix!




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