Eat On

Eat On

Never heard of it but sounds amazing. Rhode Island’s culinary claim to fame is “coffee milk”, a mixture of coffee-flavored syrup and milk. Only available in Rhode Island and Louisiana apparently…

A gentleman was stopped at an LA airport with 450 pork tamales in his luggage. Tamales are a popular holiday treat, but with issues of sanitation and disease  these treats went right in the dumpster and the traveler fined…

Who says you can’t go anywhere with a college degree. At Manchester Metropolitan University, you can get a degree in pizza! The Yum! brands company is teaming up with the college to offer a degree that will entail both coursework and actual hands-on experience in a restaurant. Only 1500 degrees will be available for the program. What’s next, making Busterburger U a reality?

Some teachers in Detroit got a little more than they bargained for when they ate some brownies left in the lounge

A Michigan farmer was forced to dump gallons of unpasteurized milk and dozens of eggs because he didn’t have a license to sell food. The farmer had co-op contracts with people for “shares” of milk/eggs/cream/cheese.

Here’s J $taxx’s video, “My Hoverboard”(NSFW!!!)… Crazy Canuck…

Only available in the UK, these donuts could get you drunk! Whisky-infused cream filling, whisky glaze, om nom nom!

Need a little pick-me-up with your pot edibles? Someone has written a cookbook on how to create all sorts of marijuana drinks using infused liquor, coconut oil, & clarified butter (these help to release marijuana’s THC content for the drinks).

Dan the Man could weep, SABMiller in Australia has recalled over 1 million bottles of beer because of possible glass contamination. This at the beginning of the busy holiday season…

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