A Christmas Gift Review – The “Funko Mystery Box”

I happened to see these advertised as “GameStop Exclusive” in their Black Friday ad. These “Mystery” boxes from Funko are only available from GameStop and at a cost of $20 each, they claim to contain items that are worth double/triple/infinitely more than that. I plopped down a $20 dollar bill and took a chance. Let’s see what treasures await!


Obviously this box will contain Funko items, Pop! items, & ReAction figures. Sealed with a neat tamper-proof silver seal…




Okay, first is a Batman Pop! Heroes figure from their Super Heroes line. This is apparently the 1989 movie version of Batman, you can tell from the costume. The sticker on the front claims that it is an EB Games exclusive (GameStop & EB Games are under the same corporation). The rear of the box shows the other figures available. Odd that Superman and Wonder Woman are listed when the other characters are from the Batman universe…


Here we have a “Game of Thrones” Jon Snow Pop! Pocket Keychain. With rumors that Jon will return in the new season, this may have some worth…


Listed as an “Adult Collectible”, this Pop! Pins Ironman pin is about the size of a quarter. There is no numbering on it, so apparently this is not a part of some specific collection.


ReAction Figures, for those who don’t know, are a line of 3 3/4″ figures meant to model after the early Kenner “Star Wars” figures. This company primarily releases figures for movies & television shows that didn’t get their own figures when they originally came out. Movies such as “Alien”, “Escape from New York”, & even “The Goonies” have seen their movie characters immortalized in miniature form.


Now when I said above that ReAction primarily does action figures for movies & shows that didn’t get their own characters at release, I show this figure as a part of a recent movie release that apparently toymakers didn’t want to bother with. Another recent show, “Breaking Bad” has their own set of figures as well.

Well, that was all that was in the box. To give comparisons as far as “value”, I went on both Amazon (retail) and eBay (resale) to get the “true” cost of the box.

If you purchased all the items from Amazon, you would expect to pay roughly $44 for the lot with Batman commanding the highest price at $21. eBay, on the other hand, is slightly lower at around $31 with Batman again commanding the most money at $14. That’s on the low-end for the figure, sold listings fluctuate between $14 and $30 for just the figure in-box.

Technically, this box did deliver a double-value promise if you bought the items individually. Unfortunately the Young Frank figure is virtually worthless, the bubble had come loose inside the box and ripped part of the card so resale value of that figure is zero.

If you’ve got $20 to burn and want to gamble, I am sure GameStop has a ton of these left. I say gamble because some boxes have been found to contain gold & patina variants of the Pop! Vinyl figures which are fetching some pretty good coin on eBay (a patina variant of the Batman figure sold for a whopping $182!).

On second thought, I might suggest putting that $20 towards a Loot Crate or Nerd Block. Those seem to have much more value on average since most of the time they contain a t-shirt.

Follow us on Twitter at @junkiosity, once we get to at least 20 followers we will draw for our box o’ cool crap! I think Young Frank might find his way into the box for one lucky follower! Check us out on Facebook too!





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