High Profits

High Profits


MattyV just finished the first season of CNN’s “reality” series, “High Profits“, which follows the lives of a pair of cannabis shop owners that went from selling medical marijuana to recreational marijuana in Breckenridge, CO. The first season is currently streaming on Netflix.

Forget the old “you’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter”, this guy got off on rape charges by claiming his erect penis “happened” to enter a teen’s va-jay-jay when he stumbled and fell on top of her

Did you know that the “Super Mario Brothers” theme song actually has lyrics? A contest was held by a radio station in Japan to add lyrics to the popular tune. A winner’s lyrics were actually recorded and released on vinyl! Creepy lyrics…

Did your kid get Legos for Christmas? Then he/she could make their own McDonald’s Chicken McNugget vending machine!

First it was “Happy Birthday”, now there is a lawsuit alleging that the writers on “The Big Bang Theory” stole Sheldon’s “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” song from a children’s songbook produced in the 1930’s…

Talk about an expensive meal! A castaway that was adrift for 15 months is being sued for a million dollars by the family of a companion that died, claiming that he ate the dead man.

Just assume that when you stay in an AirBnB rental that you are being watched. Some woman from Germany claims that she was secretly being videoed in a California rental. The problem? She slept and walked around the rental completely nude…

I’m all for saving money but this is ridiculous! Norwegian Air shares some of the ways passengers have tried to bypass luggage fees. Wearing jeans as a scarf? Really?

If you’re on the run from the law, take a page out of the “Sons of Anarchy” book – get yourself some burner cellphones. The “affluenza” teen and his mother were busted when she used her personal cellphone to order pizza while in Mexico…

Both Applebee’s & Olive Garden were selling tickets to their NYC New Year’s Eve parties for upwards of $400 a ticket! Included was a buffet, open bar, DJs, but they could not guarantee a view of the famous crystal ball drop… Oh, the spokesperson did promise that Olive Garden’s bottomless breadsticks would be available…


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