Sunday Cinema – “New Year’s Evil”



Coming out around the time that other “holiday-themed” slasher flicks had become money machines at the box office, here we have one revolving around a time of year when people are looking to forget the old and look forward to the new.

Blaze is the leader of THE punk rock band in the country and has set up a concert celebration on New Year’s Eve. Trouble is, there is someone out there that wants to “punish” all the naughty girls including Blaze. Calling himself “Evil”, he vows to kill a “naughty girl” in every time zone when midnight falls and says that Blaze will be the last. Heightened security and hasty investigations can’t stop this killer. Who could the killer be? Will Blaze make it past midnight?

Pretty much panned at the box office with lower-than-mediocre reviews from critics, this movie found life on the shelves at your local video store. With basically a cast of b-movie actors (with the except of Roz Kelly, better-known as “Pinky Tuscadero” on the television series “Happy Days”), who could ask for anything more 80’s than T&A, bad acting, & over-the-top gore?

Someone had the guts to upload this to YouTube. Check it out…



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