Sick Out


Not quite what you expect when you hear the phrase, “sunken treasure“. A Paris canal has been drained for cleaning, and what treasures it does hold!

Forget the traditional “sit-in”, “walk-out”, or “lock-out” protests, Detroit area teachers staged a “sick-out” over pay and other issues with their school district. More than 60 schools have had to close due to teachers calling in sick, and there have been warnings of continued “sickness” to come unless the situation is rectified…

This we believe is the last music video from David Bowie before he passed last week. Eerie to say the least as well as sad…

Anytime there is a new entertainment technology, you know there are people out there trying to use it for deviant purposes. From the Atari 2600 to more recent gaming systems, people have tried to add XXX to them. Virtual Reality is no different, at the recent CES show a company has unveiled their products using Samsung’s VR technology – immersive VR porn…

Here’s a turn, Nevada casinos have been operating in the red for the past 6 years as far as their gambling operations. Their restaurants, hotels, & shows have been making up a bit for the deficit.

Sounds like a wannabe “reality series” on a YouTube budget, this guy is looking for roommates to share his $3 million pound house and is willing to charge as low as $1 pound a month in rent. He is particular in what he’s looking for, do you qualify?

Powerball fever. By the time this airs, hopefully someone will have won the most recent Powerball jackpot (the highest on record). Here is an article with some interesting facts about the lottery…

Did you know that the authorities can generate a “threat score” based on social media? Dispatchers for 911 services can quickly generate a score for a suspect’s potential violence the same way one gets a credit score from a bank…

Sadly we lost yet another beloved actor. Here is one of the funniest scenes from the turd of a movie, “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”, starring Mr. Rickman…


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