Sunday Cinema – “Angels from Hell”




During the mid-to-late 1960’s, many “propaganda” films came out decrying the counter-culture that was sweeping the nation. Hippies, motorcycle gangs, & even minorities were free game. The most popular of the time were movies about motorcycle gangs. From 1967-1974 it seemed as though Hollywood cranked out several low-budget films a year to keep up with demand.

The “Angels from Hell” plot revolves around Mike, a biker who served his country in Vietnam. Upon returning, he uses his military training to organize an outlaw motorcycle force that has the local authorities afraid. When one of the members is killed, war is declared…

This movie has a bunch of unknowns in the cast, most relegated to starring as bit actors in television shows and movies. The only notable would be Jack Starrett who played Gabby Johnson in “Blazing Saddles” (who was the mumble-mouthed prospector).

Like so many films of this era, they found new life with the VHS boom and later the DVD boom. This kind soul found a VHS copy and digitally uploaded it for all to enjoy on YouTube.

Apparently the soundtrack is pretty rare as it includes cuts from The Peanut Butter Conspiracy & Lollipop Shoppe…



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