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Sunday Cinema – “Gladiator Cop”




Back in the early-to-mid 1990’s, a lot of straight-to-video movies were copycats of what could be found on the big screen in movie theaters. One such film is today’s “Sunday Cinema” selection. A mixture of “Bloodsport”, “Time Cop”, and other Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, this one is sure to hit the spot!

Andrew is a cop trying to infiltrate a group that participates in “death matches”, a fight to the death. Fighting under the name, “Gladiator”, one of the game bosses wants him engage in a match with his Mongol fighter using the sword that legend has it belonged to Alexander the Great. In a battle 2,000 years in the making, will Andrew survive and become “Gladiator Cop”?

Someone was kind enough to post this movie to YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

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Deadpool, ‘Nuff said…

Deadpool, ’nuff said…


With “Deadpool” breaking box office records for a comic book movie opening weekend ($134,000,000 – $20,000,000 more than “Spiderman”), Marvel’s “Merc with a Mouth” apparently found his audience. On this week’s pod we talked a little about the character and some articles that MattyV found online to catch you up on the “anti-hero phenomenon”…

There are some things that Marvel wants you to forget about Deadpool…

Dan Casey at gives an overview of the character from his origin to some of his love interests…

If you watched the post-credits scene (and if you didn’t, shame on you. You should know by now that you HAVE to stay until the very end of ANY Marvel movie), there is mention of who to expect in “Deadpool 2” (not the official title). The name Cable came up, this article explains who Cable is and why this is exciting news…

As with most Marvel films, this movie was rife with “easter eggs” for the more geeky fans. Movie Web counted down a running total of 100 of these “easter eggs” in the film. How many did you catch?

It was confusing for many as Deadpool “broke the 4th wall” throughout the film to talk directly with the audience. The character of Deadpool is known to have done the same thing in comic books. He is interesting in the fact that he knows he is a comic book character, which makes his “4th wall” breaking even more hilarious.

With the movie being rated “R” and becoming the most successful opening weekend for a Marvel film, maybe we will be seeing more mature content from the studio. “Deadpool” was not marketed to kids and certainly not marketed as a “superhero” film. Even the star asked people not to bring children to the movie (who might complain to the studio and f*ck it up for future sequels).

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Sunday Cinema – “The Heavenly Kid”



Bobby was a 1960’s greaser with a chip on his shoulder. When a drag race went wrong, Bobby found himself in limbo. Unable to ascend to Heaven, he is forced to become a guardian angel in order to “earn” his way there. A star-studded cast that includes Jason Gedrick (“Iron Eagle”), Jane Kaczmarek(“Malcolm in the Middle”), & Mark Metcalf(“Animal House”, various Twisted Sister music videos), the cheese is great with this gem…

Someone posted it on YouTube, so enjoy!


Sunday Cinema – “Happy Together”




Chris is an aspiring writer & college freshman. Trouble is, his roommate is a party animal. And a girl. Starring Patrick Dempsey(“Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Grey’s Anatomy”), Helen Slater(“The Secret of My Success”, “Supergirl”), & even Brad Pitt!(“Legends of the Fall”, “World War Z”, there are some cute moments.

Someone took the time to upload this romantic comedy to YouTube for all to enjoy!


ComicCon Roadtrip

Comic Con Roadtrip

This week Dan the Man & MattyV headed out to Byron Center for the first annual Byron Center Rec Comic Convention.

MattyV talked about the movie, “The Perfect Guy” starring the woman who played the character Mona Fredricks in “Boss”. If you don’t want the movie ruined, fast-forward about 20 minutes into the podcast.

The convention was small but had some interesting vendors selling retro toys, video games, Funko Pop figures, and of course comics! There were also some local artists selling their prints & indie comics as well. We didn’t stay for the cosplay contest but did see several kids in costume. On the way out the boys came face to face with Deadpool (forgot to take a pic)!

They then headed to Wally’s Treasures in Grand Rapids, MI, who boasted to have 30,000 comics and over 3,000 vinyl record albums among other interesting items. MattyV got Jen the Intern a little something because she was a bit under the weather and couldn’t make it.

Lastly, the boys talked Super Bowl predicitions (MattyV was wa-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y off!) and wanted to know why our audience watches the Super Bowl. Be sure to take our poll!


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Here are some of pictures MattyV promised:

Con 1

Lightsaber battles were happening at the end of the gym

Con 4

The GR Comic Con was there selling posters, lobby cards, movie stills, comics, & figures. Dan the Man walked away with repro posters of Star Wars IV, V, & VI for his “man cave”!

Con 2

In the box, out of the box, bagged, loose, they had all sorts of toys and figures from our childhood. Video games too!

Con 3

There was lots of room for more vendors, we’ll see what happens next year!


Comic 3

Brand never, never cracked open. “Jimmy Zhingchak – Agent of D.I.S.C.O.”, the back of the comic touts it as being the very first “Bollywood Comic Book”.

Comic 1

Apparently not a good investment, this comic cost $1.50 in 1991. MattyV got a series of them for 75 cents each! Go Toxie!

Comic 4

Kind of an expensive comic in 1988 ($2.00!), this CarolCo special collector’s edition was created to coincide with their release of “Rambo III”. Funny, Rambo looks more like a clean-shaven Chuck Norris in the comic. Hmmm, maybe Chuck was supposed to take over the franchise?

Comic 5

It’s Fantastic Four #271 with an all white embossed cover depicting the Human Torch. MattyV doesn’t remember this cover from 1992 (the last year he religiously purchased comics)…

Sunday Cinema – “The Sure Thing”




Classic 1980’s movie with the neon cursive script, rockin’ synth & drum machine soundtrack, great director (Rob Reiner), and a pretty impressive cast.

Gib is on his way out to California during Winter break from college in order to hook up with a girl his friends say is a “sure thing” (aka easy lay). What ends up is a road trip from hell with a stuck-up co-ed. Will Gib make it to California to “make it” with his sure thing, or will his traveling partner change his mind?

With the likes of John Cusack (“Say Anything”, “Grosse Pointe Blank”), Daphne Zuniga (“Spaceballs”, “Melrose Place”), & a young Nicolette Sheridan (of “Desperate Housewives” fame), this film has merit.

Someone was kind enough to post this time capsule on YouTube, so enjoy!

That’s F’d Up

That’s F’d Up


A woman in the UK actually knitted a full-size replica of her son to cuddle with because he is “too old” to cuddle. Please tell me there isn’t an area for a “device” to poke through…

When choosing a tattoo, I’ve been told to watch for spelling & not using your lover’s name. I’ve also been told to choose a tattoo I can conceivably live with for the rest of my life. Oh, and don’t get one while drunk like this guy

It’s one thing to mock religion by creating your own, it’s another to live it. This guy in Russia was told that if he was ever caught driving without his Pastafarian headgear he will be arrested.

Now there are times to play Cards Against Humanity, at work is probably not one of them – especially if you work at a television station

Yeah, I’d like a nachos, a Sprite, some Warheads, and that pocket-sized vibrator. Wait, what????

The dark side of filthy lucre. This article discusses what people would do for money. Sorry, those who would do amateur porn for a million, there are hundreds of others that will do it for much-much-much less…

Baby got what? This poor law student got a recycled phone number from Verizon. The prior owner of the number? None other than Sir Mix-A-Lot…