That’s F’d Up

That’s F’d Up


A woman in the UK actually knitted a full-size replica of her son to cuddle with because he is “too old” to cuddle. Please tell me there isn’t an area for a “device” to poke through…

When choosing a tattoo, I’ve been told to watch for spelling & not using your lover’s name. I’ve also been told to choose a tattoo I can conceivably live with for the rest of my life. Oh, and don’t get one while drunk like this guy

It’s one thing to mock religion by creating your own, it’s another to live it. This guy in Russia was told that if he was ever caught driving without his Pastafarian headgear he will be arrested.

Now there are times to play Cards Against Humanity, at work is probably not one of them – especially if you work at a television station

Yeah, I’d like a nachos, a Sprite, some Warheads, and that pocket-sized vibrator. Wait, what????

The dark side of filthy lucre. This article discusses what people would do for money. Sorry, those who would do amateur porn for a million, there are hundreds of others that will do it for much-much-much less…

Baby got what? This poor law student got a recycled phone number from Verizon. The prior owner of the number? None other than Sir Mix-A-Lot…





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