Deadpool, ‘Nuff said…

Deadpool, ’nuff said…


With “Deadpool” breaking box office records for a comic book movie opening weekend ($134,000,000 – $20,000,000 more than “Spiderman”), Marvel’s “Merc with a Mouth” apparently found his audience. On this week’s pod we talked a little about the character and some articles that MattyV found online to catch you up on the “anti-hero phenomenon”…

There are some things that Marvel wants you to forget about Deadpool…

Dan Casey at gives an overview of the character from his origin to some of his love interests…

If you watched the post-credits scene (and if you didn’t, shame on you. You should know by now that you HAVE to stay until the very end of ANY Marvel movie), there is mention of who to expect in “Deadpool 2” (not the official title). The name Cable came up, this article explains who Cable is and why this is exciting news…

As with most Marvel films, this movie was rife with “easter eggs” for the more geeky fans. Movie Web counted down a running total of 100 of these “easter eggs” in the film. How many did you catch?

It was confusing for many as Deadpool “broke the 4th wall” throughout the film to talk directly with the audience. The character of Deadpool is known to have done the same thing in comic books. He is interesting in the fact that he knows he is a comic book character, which makes his “4th wall” breaking even more hilarious.

With the movie being rated “R” and becoming the most successful opening weekend for a Marvel film, maybe we will be seeing more mature content from the studio. “Deadpool” was not marketed to kids and certainly not marketed as a “superhero” film. Even the star asked people not to bring children to the movie (who might complain to the studio and f*ck it up for future sequels).

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