Sunday Cinema – “Kids Incorporated – The Leprechaun Kid”



“Kids Incorporated” was a weekly kid’s show that I guess you could equate to a live-action “Kidz Bop”. The show followed a group of young singers (“Kids Incorporated”) and the wacky adventures they get into while not performing the day’s popular radio hits. A few stars were borne out of the show, Martika (best known for her late-80’s hit, “Toy Soldiers”), Stacy Ferguson, aka “Fergie” of the Black-Eyed Peas, Mario Lopez, Eric Balfour, & Jennifer Love-Hewitt!

This episode revolves around Kid (Rasaan Patterson) & Stacy (Stacy Ferguson) finding a trunk backstage that contains a leprechaun (John Franklin, best known as the child preacher Isaac of “Children of the Corn”) who wishes to become a famous rock & roll star.

Hits from Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, & several other artists make their appearance in this St. Patrick’s Day episode. And no, that isn’t John Franklin singing – it’s Jerry Sharell (“Mickey”) with an altered voice.

Someone posted this episode on YouTube for all of us to enjoy!


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