Demented Sex

Demented Sex


Studies have shown that older men who have sex regularly cut the risk of getting dementia by quite a margin. Creepy…

Here’s an interesting article on those that write the greeting cards we purchase. 24 writers at Hallmark? Wow, we thought there would be more…

With the search term, “How can I move to Canada?” spiking 400% after the recent polls find Donald Trump cementing a huge lead, an island in Nova Scotia is trying to court those that are considering leaving the United States if Mr. Trump becomes our next president…

We see it at every zoo & museum in the gift shop, but did it really make it into space? You’re gonna be pissed to find out the truth about “astronaut ice cream“…

Um, that’s what “screen locks” are for on cellphones… A teacher was forced to resign when a student stole her phone and shared a nude photo of her around school.

“Big Soda” is still trying to fight for a place at the breakfast table? I often see people getting their Mountain Dew at the convenience store in the morning or being handed a large Coke with their McMuffin meal at the drive-thru. Is this still a concern?

First there was the “doomsday vault” which holds seeds from thousands of different plants & trees. Now the Dutch have a “poop bank” to help treat intestinal diseases?

Forget about Kobe beef or Kosher sea salt. Here’s a list of the new food trends that are hip & happening…

Most would end up in a landfill, but this blow-up doll got a new job as a scarecrow…

What is this world coming to when there are now designated spaces for mothers with small children??

Not sure if they can capture the 1980’s nostalgia with LED eyes and a smartphone app, but Wicked Cool Toys are about to re-release the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls for the 21st century...


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