A more common problem these days, a manager at a KFC fired a worker before he/she even started because after the interview it was revealed he/she was a transgender. Good on KFC  for firing the manager and offering a job to the person…

Jen the Intern has been listening to the “Those Conspiracy Guys” podcast as of late. Interesting to say the least, check them out!

Why did it take so long? Someone came up with doughnut ice cream cones! Boy, these look awesome!

Confessions from a prison guard find that sex does indeed happen in prison. The prison gave out 10,000 condoms a year, one prisoner offered up sex for cans of Coke (the drink, not the white stuff)…

An acquaintance of mine has done this, and why not? Perfect place to sell them

This is just plain sick. A diocese had (has) a schedule of payouts for sexual molestation cases involving clergy. They also aided & abetted those guilty by moving them to different parishes. Disgusting…

An interesting photo spread inside a Real Doll(tm) factory. Be aware that most of these photos are NSFW…

Can’t fake the diehards, a company that was claiming to be resurrecting the Coleco video game brand with the Coleco Chameleon, had been caught with a fake prototype. The shell contains a basic PCI video card. The company that owns the brand is investigating…

According to the courts, the Batmobile is considered a character and has copyright protection. A company tried to sell copies of the full-size, street legal vehicle but has been shut down…

F*ck you, people. Someone wrote to Dear Prudence about a family that ignores a woman’s child from a previous marriage. They dote on their “real” granddaughter by showering gifts for birthdays & Christmas while completely snubbing the other child…


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