5 Worst

5 Worst


This week MattyV was flying solo due to circumstances beyond the gang’s control. A short one this week, MattyV shares (in no particular order) his list of the 5 worst movies based on Saturday Night Live skits. In short doses these characters tickled America’s funny bone, but taking a one-joke character and trying to expand it into a feature-length movie is challenging. These failed miserably…

1) “It’s Pat” (1994) – I think this was the least-released SNL movie (came out to 33 theaters) and the box office receipts show it. A quick Google search didn’t reveal the budget, but going off a $6 million budget like the next movie on the list – it grossed only 1/100th of that ($60,000)


2) “Stuart Saves His Family” (1995) – Al Franken was a legendary writer on SNL for many years and along with Tom Davis was a great stand-up comedian. This movie was not only based on the sketches, but also the parody book that was released. With a $6 million budget, it grossed a little over $900,000. Ouch.


3) “A Night At The Roxbury” (1998) – Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell are comedic geniuses and seeing the multitude of sketches on SNL, it was almost guaranteed that they would make a great movie together. Wrong, so wrong. But this 90 minute sketch almost doubled its budget by the end of 1998, bring in just a hair over $30 million.


4) “Superstar” (1999) – Molly Shannon was an amazing character actor on SNL with many physically-intensive personas. Mary Catherine Gallagher was one such character. This one shocked me, it brought in over $30 million at the box office (double its budget).


5) “The Ladies Man” (2000) – Tim Meadows lispy character who is a sort-of “love guru” on the hunt for that one woman. Surprisingly it grossed about $2 million more than the budget, so it actually made a little money…


That’s Matty’s list. Are there worse SNL movies that should be on here? Are there ones that you feel shouldn’t be? Tweet us or post it on our Facebook page!

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