Can’t Have Nuthin Nice

Can’t Have Nuthin Nice


This past weekend was 7-11’s “bring your own container” promotional event, where for a $1.50 you could fill up your own container with your favorite slurpee flavor(s). Due to what some dumbasses did last year, 7-11 had to change the rules on what type of container you could bring in. This Daily Fail article apparently used Twitter & Instagram photos from last year because just about all of the containers would not fit the 2016 guidelines (the condom one, although gross, was ingenious)…

Talking about 7-11, they are on the verge of releasing a slurpee-flavored donut. a wild cherry flavored donut dusted with sugar (simulating the ice crystals). My teeth are rotting already…

In other food news, the Scots are at it again. First it was the deep-fried Mars bar, now it’s the Cadbury Creme “Scotch egg”, a creme egg covered in ground pork sausage & breaded with spices & breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Yikes…

T-Mobile’s “Binge-On” program now gets users right in the crotch with the addition of Mikandi Theater added to their list of streaming services you can use without data caps. Mikandi Theater is a porn streaming service geared towards mobile devices for $20 a month…

With the recent campaign of having different comedians play the role of “Colonel Sanders” in their KFC ads, you might be wondering who Colonel Sanders was. This article shares the life & times of the late fried chicken icon…

Not only has Jared gained 30lbs so far in prison, in January he got a beating from a fellow inmate for apparently being a dickhead. “A guy walks in with all this money and celebrity and instead of flying under the radar, he’s going into the yard, walking around with big guys, saying no one can mess with me…”

Rule #1 in Best Korea – Don’t Do Anything Stupid. Rule #2 in Best Korea – See Rule #1. Rule #3 – If You Do Something Stupid, Don’t Get Caught.

You always do 2 things when you think you’ve won the lottery – check the date of the ticket & double-check the winning numbers. You don’t go on a shopping spree and then burn your purse to claim it was stolen when you find out you didn’t win…


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