Sunday Cinema – “The Bikini Car Wash Company”




Jack is taking over his uncle’s car wash for the summer. The car wash hasn’t been faring well and is in danger of closing. A group of local girls in need of a job hatch a plan to help Jack get the car wash back in the black financially – by washing cars in their bikinis (and much less!).

Co-written by Buck Flower (you might know him as playing a hobo in many films including “Back to the Future”, “Escape from New York”, & “They Live”), this film is another one of those direct-to-video T&A flicks that flooded the video stores. With cheesy jokes, lots of T&A, & a shredding soundtrack, this is guaranteed to get your Spring Break off to a hilarious start!

It was popular enough to warrant a sequel, “The Bikini Car Wash Company II“. Someone was kind enough to post the UNRATED version online for all to see. This is totally NSFW, you’ve been warned…

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