First World Problems

First World Problems


Netflix is increasing their streaming fees for those “grandfathered in”from the previous streaming plan. At $9.99 a month, it is more than Amazon Prime ($99) but less than Hulu Plus’ no-ad plan ($11.99). With all the new shows under development that can only be seen on Netflix, it’s still a better deal…

This is just asking for trouble, a company has developed a handgun that looks just like a cellphone. I remember a line from Jurassic Park, it’s not a question of could we – it’s a question of should we…

Celebrities jumping on the Medical Marijuana bandwagon? Whoopi is cashing in by starting her own MM company to provide products targeted at women. Interesting…

The DEA is considering changing the classification of marijuana from a schedule I drug (on par with LSD or heroin) to a class II drug. This will help the scientific community in its research of the drug, but it won’t make it legal. The DEA has changed classes on only 5 drugs in its 40 year history…

Shoppers continued to shop in a Target while a dead body was still on the premises. A man grabbed a kitchen knife off the rack and committed suicide right in the aisle. Of course the scene was masked off, but still. Come on Target, you that desperate for sales?

Something we all need to be aware of, fast food workers share what they REFUSE TO EAT at their restaurants. If the workers won’t touch it, we shouldn’t either…

First there was the outrageous service charges when buying tickets. Then there were the resellers, buying tickets for concerts and selling them for 5-10 times what they paid for them. Now the artists are getting into the act by “postponing” their shows and not cancelling them. People who bought Janet Jackson tickets are f*cked because they cannot get refunds for concert postponements, only cancellations…

Some serious marriage counseling is in order for a couple of teachers. The wife was popped for having sex with a student, several days later the husband was popped for the same crime (although a different student). Unbelievable!

Don’t be a douchebag on Instagram, certainly not a fraudulently rich douchebag. Kids are getting their parents in trouble with photos of exotic cars/boats/vacations/jewelry. Authorities are able to track fraudster parents through the use of social media and catch them…

Ruh-Rho Raggy! A mini-van painted up like the Mystery Machine took police on a high-speed chase! The driver is still at-large…

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