A Feastival

A Feastival

 Pizza Hut Canada is going a bit too far. They are getting into the doughnut game with a creation of what must be savory-type doughnuts with pizza toppings. But I wonder if we will get a Maple Bacon Pizza some time…

People are going off-the-rails with the frying of foods these days. I thought Fried Butter & Fried Kool-Aid were the tops, now there are people frying bourbon-soaked Twinkies!

Ever wonder about the history of some of our more American-Made food fare? This article shares the history of the Frito Pie, a staple at just about any carnival or fair these days…

“It’s tradition”, the common answer to why people wait in line for free coffee/hamburgers/ice cream. Not because they’re cheap bastards…

This is kind of hard to believe, a Texas pastor is  suing Whole Foods for giving him a cake that says, ‘Love Wins F*g’. His video shows the seal unbroken and a receipt for the store he bought it from. Knowing that people have cellphones and video/photograph the most mundane things on social media, why would an employee risk their job? (other than to get fired as a final F-U to the company) The slur looks to have been done with a different piping bag, a lie to get attention?

Pan-handling for college? This HS senior in need of $20k-$30k per year for college is standing on a street corner with a sign. I guess it’s no different than crowdfunding vacations or weddings online…

This will not end well, McDonald’s has recently revealed plans to test the “all you can eat fries” program in some of its restaurants. If it’s anything like Red Robin’s program, you’ll be lucky to get one refill…

The douchiness, make it stop!

Someone posted a gallery of photos from an amateur photographer working at Ellis Island back at the turn of the century. The photos are fantastic and show that people really did wear the strange garb we’ve only read about…

Solo ticket to a swingers convention? Better have references

First there was Blackwater Security Services. Then there was Academi Security Training. Now Erik Prince has set his sights on creating a private air force

Bored while toking on your e-cig? How about playing a game of Flappy Bird on it between puffs?


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