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Where to Stick It

Where to Stick It


MattyV is right, according to Wikipedia – Zima is still made and marketed in Japan. No worries, you can check out this recipe to make your own home version!

The term “organic” seems to be the popular buzzword as of late. Many industries have regulations to determine what “organic” is, but one that doesn’t is marijuana. One man is trying to change that…

Delivery drivers share their worst delivery stories. Really, masturbating in the front window?

Oops. Reebok had a surprise for the 30th anniversary of “Aliens” in time for “Alien Day” (April 26th), replicas of the shoes worn by Sigourney Weaver in the movie. Trouble is, the shoes were only available in men’s sizes. Major mess up…

The world’s smallest cellphone is not surprisingly popular with prison inmates. The phone is about as small as a pack of gum, so it will easily fit into a certain orifice…

More and more Millenials are staying home with their parents until their 30’s. Geez, I couldn’t wait to leave home when I was in my late teens…

Wanting to change their unique physicality, teen labiaplasty is on the rise. Is this vanity?

Getting more and more messed up, the founder of the group that find the Duggars among their congregation is planning a retreat to help members marry off their TEEN DAUGHTERS! And they mean teen as in thirteen and up…

Carp Herpes? The Australian government is planning to release a strain of herpes that will only infect the European Carp, a dangerous blight to their aquatic ecosystems. The program will cost upwards of $15 million, with most of the cost going to cleaning up the dead fish.

A house built out of spite? In Portland, OR you can purchase a wedge-shaped home for the paltry sum of $519,000. Rumor is that the home was built because of a divorce, the husband was awarded the home and the wife awarded a small sliver of the front yard…

A battle over dried shrimp? The heir to the Sea Monkeys legacy is living in poverty while she battles over the trademark & copyright of the beloved teaching toy…



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Sunday Cinema – “Dorm of the Dead”



There have been at least 2 movies chained with the moniker, “Dorm of the Dead”, one released in 2007 and this one released in 2012. Both were straight-to-DVD releases, one had higher production values than the other. One had a star with a bit part in a major motion picture, and this one was it (one of the actors played a “chase teen” in the 2014 version of “Annie”).

The basic premise is a college slacker returns from Spring Break(!) and finds his younger brother has come to visit him for the week. Between avoiding classes and his brother, a zombie outbreak occurs on campus and finds our zero having to turn into a hero by becoming a leader of a ragtag bunch of survivors. Low production values, bad acting, poor special effects, it seems as though it is a school film project waiting for a grade…


Someone posted this online, don’t blame them (or us) for the 86 minutes of your life you’ll lose watching it…





Some political parties in Spain are proposing changing their timezone back to pre-WWII GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and eliminating the need for long lunch hours & siestas in the late afternoon. Originally Spain & some other countries switched their timezone to match that of the Nazi Reich to maximize factory productivity & allow people to get home in time for blackouts.

New York City is proposing to restrict Times Square characters due to complaints and some trouble. From pestering people for tips, altercations over tips, sexual assaults, people are no longer comfortable being in the iconic square…

Here’s an article relating the top 22 countries that “love” marijuana. The US is #2 on the list, you’ll be surprised at who #1 is…

Don’t ever mess with payday loan places. First there is the INSANE INTEREST RATES, but now a new threat – overdraft fees. If a payday loan firm gets an NSF from a bank account, they will continue to make several requests the same day for smaller amounts until they some of the payment. This means a $34 fee per overdraft for the account holder. Bastards…

His art could kill you. Damien Hirst’s preserved artwork is expelling formaldehyde at ten times the safe limit. And he was told in 1991 about the dangers of working with formaldehyde, his response was that it was a part of the art – that it could kill.

Amazing find from the ocean floor, a salvage team found a 400 year old silk dress in almost-pristine condition lying on the bottom of the Wadden Sea.

China is on high alert for “handsome foreigners” trying to steal secrets. They have developed a series of posters warning women to be careful around such scoundrels…

Idiot Alert – don’t be stupid and risk going to jail for stealing soda like this guy. He and a couple of friends ordered waters in the drive-thru and proceeded to enter the restaurant, filling the water cups with soda.

I agree with many of these entries, but Caitlin Jenner? Really?

Utah is so ass-backwards. A “brew-vie” theater is being threatened with losing their liquor license for showing the film, “Deadpool” because it violates the state’s obscenity laws.

I agree that some of these models need to come back, especially the Bronco & Wagoneer…

I’ve had a couple of these this week, 38 brave souls share their worst “f*ck my life” situations…


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Sunday Cinema – “The Unseen”




A group of female reporters unable to find a motel room while covering a town’s festival receive an invitation to stay at the town’s museum curator’s home. Something in the basement has stirred and something gruesome happens to each of the women. A few years after “Animal House” and a few years before “St. Elsewhere”, Stephen Furst (Flounder!) stars in this 1980’s terror…

Someone took the time to edit out the commercials, but not the skits in this classic from Commander USA

Rant On, Rant Off


Rant On, Rant Off


This week Jenn the Intern was able to make it into the studio with MattyV for the first time in weeks. MattyV is still dealing with complications from the car accident and is currently unable to drive or really do anything. Keep sending your positive thoughts/prayers/vibrations his way, he could really use it.


He rants on about everything surrounding the accident, something he just needed to get off his chest. And then they get into other things:

It has been confirmed that “Wolverine 3” is going to be r-rated. Possibly on the heels of success of “Deadpool”, it will be nice to see Wolvie really getting to his dark roots…

As with all Marvel movies, you NEED to stay until the very end to get special clips or “heads up” as far as what to expect next in the MCU. “Antman” had a great one, “Deadpool” was another favorite.

Suicide Squad” is having some scenes re-shot to make it more “fun”. This comes after the dismal box office performance of “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

The official trailer for “Yoga Hosers” came out last week, the 2nd in Kevin Smith’s “Northern Trilogy”. It looks pretty good so far…

Matty is currently obsessed with “Welcome to Night Vale“, a quirky podcast that is kind of a mix between “Twin Peaks” and “A Prairie Home Companion”. The pods are only 30 minutes each, give it a chance – you might like it.

On, Chris Hardwick is giving away the television version of his standup comedy special, “Funcomfortable” as a treat to his listeners. Be aware that this is the “uncensored” television version so expect some foul language.

All this month on “Sunday Cinema” we are celebrating MattyV’s birthday with episodes of “Commander USA’s Groovy Movies”. If you are a child of the 1980’s, you’ll remember the dear Commander…

Yes, Kelly Ripa was on “Dance Party USA” as seen in this clip. Also in this clip you will see the “Prince girl” MattyV was talking about with the tear drop sitting on her cheek and the lace that Prince was making fashionable at the time…


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Sunday Cinema – “Savage Sisters”



Not only is this a blaxploitation film, it’s also a “women in prison” film as well! A police officer and her boyfriend help a couple of revolutionaries escape prison to lead them to a million in cash being smuggled out of the country by a corrupt general. This film includes a very young Sid Haig of “House of a 1000 Corpses” & “The Devil’s Rejects” fame.

I love it when these shows are posted with the commercials intact, this one is from 1986 and is a time capsule!

On Location – Revisited

On Location – Revisited


Sorry for not posting this episode yesterday. MattyV is still “broken” from his car accident and isn’t doing too well. Keep the positive vibes coming his way!

I lieu of some new material, here is a podcast of the gang’s first “on location” podcast in front of the junk wagons during Tulip Time (which is happening this week). The sound quality isn’t the best, but the funny is still audible!

MattyV & Jen the Intern will be back next week with new material, promise!

In the mean time, check out our “Sunday Cinema” selections so far this month in celebration of MattyV’s birthday or our Podcast Archive with the first couple of years of our podcasts!

Until next week, Junkies!

Sunday Cinema – “The Death of Bruce Lee”



A blaxploitation film, “The Death of Bruce Lee” aka “The Black Dragon Revenge” finds rival gangs on the hunt for a handwritten manual from the martial arts master. The film also apparently delves into some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Bruce Lee, most prominent is that some greedy film producers ended his life.

Ron Van Clief is (or was) an accomplished martial artist and was the star of many other fighting pictures including “Enter Another Dragon” which is an obvious take on one of  Bruce Lee’s more famous movies.

Just like last week, someone posted the entire Commander USA show complete with commercials. Enjoy the nostalgia!

Whoop Whoop

Whoop Whoop


MattyV was still out of commission from his accident, so the gang couldn’t get together. Much love to Matty as he recuperates, good thoughts and vibes are with him. He may be down, but he’s never out…


Wheez is rockin’ the mic again this week talking all about the horrorcore-rap group, Insane Clown Posse. An interesting cultural phenomenon that got its start in good ol’ Detroit, Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope have rapped about everything from the ghetto to the Gulf War to cannibalism & murder. They have what some consider to be a cult following, their fans – “The Juggalos & Juggalettes” – are considered by the FBI to be a hybrid gang.

With chants of, “Whoop Whoop” and “Fam-A-Ly”, the fans have found a common bond and cameraderie with each other. There have been several documentaries produced, both official and unofficial, that give the viewer a glimpse into the phenomenon.

Insane Clown Posse’s American Psycho Tour” is a documentary following ICP and other musical acts on their 2011 cross-country tour. This documentary touts to have the arrest of Twiztid’s Madrox & Blaze Ya Dead Homie in Florida for drug possession.

Insane Clown Posse: Six Jokerz Unauthorized” is of course a documentary that is in no way endorse by the band. It is a collection of interviews with various club owners that gave ICP a chance in the early days of their careers as well as a little history into how the band came about. The only gem is an interview with ICP where they talk about the trouble with Disney (at one time they had a record contract with a Disney-owned label). Low quality documentary with absolutely no live performances or music from ICP.

American Juggalo” is an independent documentary revolving around the fans (The Juggalos & Juggalettes) at the 2011 “Gathering of the Juggalos” that occurs each year. It is interesting to see the various fans from the dope smokers to the “straight-edge” ones and how they all come together for a week each year to spend time as a “family”.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling – Oddball Brawl” is a 3-hour video of you guessed it, ICP in the wrestling ring. They have been involved with the WCW and other factions of the wrestling world, but ultimately created their own to capitalize on.

Big Money Rustlas” is the second film by ICP (the first being “Big Money Hustlas“) with a foray into the old west. Many b-list celebrities are on deck including Jason Mewes, Todd Bridges, Ron Jeremy, & even porn star Bridget the Midget. What was supposed to be a slapstick “Blazing Saddles”-type movie falls flat with a ton of swearing and bad jokes…


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Sunday Cinema – “Toxic Zombies”



This month is MattyV’s birth month, so in celebration of that we will be sharing some episodes of his favorite television program growing up. “Commander USA’s Groovy Movies” was a program that came on Saturday afternoons back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Before the internet and even before DVDs, the only place to get your fix of crazy schlocky B-movies was the video rental store and television.

Since the 1950’s, local television stations hosted their own programs to fill time slots and generate ad revenue. Oftentimes they were movie hosts that presented cheap movies and did skits during commercial breaks. In the tradition of these hosts, Commander USA was born. Debuting on the then-infant USA Network, the Commander and his sidekick “Lefty”, regaled the audience with stories & skits wrapped around the program’s feature film.

This week’s selection, “Toxic Zombies” (also known as “Bloodeaters”), is about a police force that dropped chemicals on some drug crops and their growers turning them into blood-thirsty zombies. Talk about an anti-marijuana movie…

Someone transferred a copy that they made when it originally aired, including the commercials! Enjoy!