Sunday Cinema – “Toxic Zombies”



This month is MattyV’s birth month, so in celebration of that we will be sharing some episodes of his favorite television program growing up. “Commander USA’s Groovy Movies” was a program that came on Saturday afternoons back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Before the internet and even before DVDs, the only place to get your fix of crazy schlocky B-movies was the video rental store and television.

Since the 1950’s, local television stations hosted their own programs to fill time slots and generate ad revenue. Oftentimes they were movie hosts that presented cheap movies and did skits during commercial breaks. In the tradition of these hosts, Commander USA was born. Debuting on the then-infant USA Network, the Commander and his sidekick “Lefty”, regaled the audience with stories & skits wrapped around the program’s feature film.

This week’s selection, “Toxic Zombies” (also known as “Bloodeaters”), is about a police force that dropped chemicals on some drug crops and their growers turning them into blood-thirsty zombies. Talk about an anti-marijuana movie…

Someone transferred a copy that they made when it originally aired, including the commercials! Enjoy!



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